Book first or movie first?

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Re: Book first or movie first?

Post by Christineegm » 31 Aug 2018, 20:42

I try to make it a point to read the book first! Usually if it was recently adapted I will read the book first. However for older films and classics I do not follow this rule lol.

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Post by Amyb77 » 02 Sep 2018, 20:17

I like to read the book first, then see how many details they leave out in the movie.

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Post by Vscholz » 05 Sep 2018, 01:26

I usually watch the movie first so that I can enjoy it without nitpicking. However, there are some cases where I will read the book first, but that is usually before the movie is even announced.
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Post by Vefu » 08 Sep 2018, 14:13

Definitely, the first should be a book. Once I watched the movie "The Game of the Ender", I liked the film very much, I was crazy about it. But then I learned that the film was to be taken down by the motives of the book, and was very upset as a film after reading this book. The same story with the series "The Magicians" and especially saddened the story with the series "The Game of Thrones", in particular in the "love" scenes, because it would be very much like that they would be recreated more accurately and taken to shooting actors hotter as

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Post by Shalomsamuels1 » 15 Sep 2018, 19:30

An age old question and important. The answer is simple: the book. Why you may ask? Because a book is almost always going to be more detailed then a movie in regards to story and character development. the one thing a book has issue with is it can sometimes lack feeling. Movies help with that because they create an atmosphere with visuals and soundtrack.
But with a movie you wouldnt get the full breadth of the story and characters. So the atmosphere is lost on you.

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Post by aimy869 » 15 Sep 2018, 23:32

book first because you will feel what the author was feeling when he or she wrote the book,and the book will be complete on like the movie that some scenes are cut

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Post by J_D_Allen » 18 Sep 2018, 01:32

I find it easier to read the book first then watch the movie then both will tell the same story which is very exciting especially if it's a really done story.

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Post by Harley-Panda » 18 Sep 2018, 05:15

I always read the book first. There have been many times where I've put off watching a movie in the cinema so that I can read the book first! I like to make comparisons (generally I find the books are better than the films but there are always exceptions)
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Olivia Grace
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Post by Olivia Grace » 19 Sep 2018, 23:38

Book first, that way you can complain about the movie doesn't do it justice :) haha

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Post by nnadi+_1 » 20 Sep 2018, 11:29

I always love to watch the movie first just to give me an insight of what the book is all about. I did so with Romeo and Juliet and reading the book was a walkover because I already knew what the end was like.

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Post by Runningmama » 22 Sep 2018, 12:36

Book, always! I am so disappointed when I see a movie and then find out it was based on a book.

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Post by HailKingEbi » 24 Sep 2018, 08:20

I'd advise reading the book first, there's more information and you can decide how the characters turn out before the movie. the movie is usually very limiting.
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Post by Altaf 782 » 24 Sep 2018, 08:44

Book reading is very important in those days :techie-reference: because book reading is very interesting and safe. If you read books then you are safe from a number of wrong things and your attitude is well but if you give a most time to movies then you are always mentally unstable.

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Post by 1ditzyrn » 26 Sep 2018, 12:27

I typically try to read the book first, as some times movie makers change age, sex, etc for the cinematic version. Once I get that person in my mind as the character, it makes it harder to envision them in the books.

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Post by Charlyt » 15 Oct 2018, 09:41

I always try to read the book first because I would understand it better. And knowing the details in a deeper level while watching is like knowing a secret that people who only watch the movie don't know.
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