Official Review: The Power of Thanksgiving

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Official Review: The Power of Thanksgiving

Post by LV2R »

[Following is an official review of "The Power of Thanksgiving" by Joyce Addo-Atuah, PhD.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The Power of Thanksgiving: A Blueprint for Contentment, Fulfillment, and Well-Being through Gratitude by Joyce Addo-Atuah is a book that truly covers many of the benefits and results from having a lifestyle of thanksgiving. The book describes the spiritual, psychological, physical, and relational benefits of practicing a life of gratitude and being thankful.

The book begins with an explanation of the history of the Thanksgiving holiday and the purpose of giving thanks to God and to the Natives who helped the Pilgrims survive in the new land. The author quickly states that this book would be about living a lifestyle of thanksgiving and not just a once-a-year occasion. The chapters are all divided into different aspects of the meaning and practice of thanksgiving as a lifestyle: the what, why, when, and how of this wonderful attitude of gratitude affecting everything and everyone. Each chapter is sprinkled with quotes, Bible verses, hymns, and the author’s personal experiences. The author is actively living a lifestyle of thanksgiving as her book testifies.

I especially liked that the author not only points out that we should thank God for his goodness and love but also thank the people who have blessed us in our lives. God is able to be good to us through anything and anyone to bless us in our lives. When we develop this attitude of gratitude, we will see and experience even more to be thankful for, including simple everyday things, such as the air we breathe and the water we drink. I really like all the benefits the author mentioned from being thankful.

Being thankful leaves no room for negativity nor having a complaining attitude. A truly thankful person will be pleasant to be around, will have a positive outlook on life, and will be able to be happy for others experiencing blessings and happiness. The author mentions that a thankful person will be a forgiving person and a giving person. She encourages people to get right with family, friends, and neighbors and to not only donate time, talent, and treasure but to express thankfulness to people who have blessed us and to treat all people with dignity and respect.

This well-written book covered so many different aspects of the meaning and practice of thanksgiving in an organized way with plenty of personal examples, quotes, use of Scriptures from the Bible, and hymns that I rate The Power of Thanksgiving 4 out of 4 stars. I cannot think of anything that I didn’t like about the book, except for the several small errors found, such as missing hyphens, quotation marks, and capital letters that were needed. However, I had an overall feeling that the book was well edited as I read it, and these errors did not take away the ease and enjoyment of reading the material. Because of the heavy use of Bible passages and hymns, this book would appeal most to Christians and people who do not mind the Christian viewpoint of living a lifestyle of thanksgiving. However, I think many people would enjoy and benefit from reading this book as a practical guide to practice gratitude and to know and experience the benefits of being thankful.

The Power of Thanksgiving
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Post by JordanKSmith »

This sounds like a great book. I've incorporated a similar practice into my own life, and it has totally changed my experience. For me, this change wasn't an overnight process. Turning a ship around isn't an instant process. However, I've made a continual adjustment over a few years, and I've transitioned from suicidal to happy.

Your review paints a good picture, and I'm interested in the contents. This is a message worth reviewing from multiple angles, so I might pick this one up.
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Post by Ayuba Kamashi »

wow this so very very interested view the story on this book can make how to have character of given Thanksgiving in any circumstances you found your self ,really I like the book as a Christian
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Post by praisecrown8 »

Nice review there. It's good to give thanks to God and the people he blessed us with. Very true.
In all, "if you know how to think, you would know how to thank"
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Post by kandscreeley »

I found this to be similar to another book about thanksgiving. We all need to be more thankful, for sure, though. Glad this one met with your approval.
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Post by Wendzie »

This is a great thanksgiving book when i was read i feel that the spirit of God was flowing us because of this words of book...
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Post by Wendzie »

It's really great the power of thanksgiving can help us spiritually..I love to read this thanksgiving book..
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Post by Jessacardinal »

This sounds like an inspiring book to read. Everything you have written about reflects the type of person I strive, and sometimes fail, to be. Thank you for this review. I will definitely keep this book in mind.
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Post by Jacci »

Gratitude indeed inspires a weary person in the moment we don't know that person needed your thanksgiving attitude.
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Post by Helen_Combe »

Great review. Being thankful is a great way to stay positive.
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Post by vishvrachi_1 »

Life is to give not to take. One should be thankful for what he have and not complain for what he doesn't have. I like this Idea and also applying in my life. Whenever I thanks someone, I feel happiness in my inner self. i love it.
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Post by EvaDar »

I really like that the book explores the benefits of thanksgiving from various disciplines. That would be interesting to me. Your review really drew me in and elicited interest in the topic. Thanks.
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Post by Sarah Tariq »

The book seems interesting as it develops man's connection with his God. In real, we can't thanks God for His so many benedictions that he bestowed on us. Thanks for the review.
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Post by Alice in Scotland »

Gratitude is an important tool. This book wouldn't be for me, however, because I'm not big on Christianity, and it sounds rather one-dimensional. Nevertheless, I enjoyed your well-written review.
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Post by Sweet Psamy »

Being a christian, I would love to know more about the benefits of thanksgiving. I want to read this book.
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