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Links and Info for New Members

Posted: 02 Sep 2018, 22:03
by Gravy

Automatic restrictions based on post count:

Many features on the forum are restricted until a member reaches certain post count and has been a member of the website for a certain number of days. Almost all of these restrictions are lifted once you have reached a post count 25 post and been registered for at least one week.

As of the time of this post, you need to have a post count of 10 to post links or URLs and to modify your profile. You need to have a post count of 25 to add a signature and to fill-in the website field of the profile.

New members--those with less than 10 posts or who have joined within the past week--are also blocked from sending PMs.

While you are still a new member, the anti-spam filter may automatically flag your post to be held for moderation. It flags about one in three hundred posts, most of which are spam but many on the other hand are false positives. A flagged post will not be blocked completely but rather held for moderation. We will review the post and approve or disapprove it quickly. Again, this automatic check is only performed for 'new members' and will not occur once you have made some more posts and been registered for at least a week.

Re: Links and Info for New Members

Posted: 15 Nov 2021, 23:15
by Gravy
General Forum Information
  • The C/T/M/H forum is for Crime, Thrillers, Mystery, and Horror Books.
  • Site rules can be found here:
    Forum Rules.
  • If your email address is spelled wrong, please contact us with the correct email (via the Contact Form, a link to which is provided below), and an Admin will change it for you.
  • The name you register with is your username. If you want to change your username, please contact us with the new name, and an Admin will change it for you.
  • FAQs:
  • If you are interested in the Review Team, the FAQs explain about the Review Team, how to join, and the payment method.
  • Alternatively, if you wish to delete your account, but encounter an error when selecting that option on the Contact form (a link to which is below), the FAQs explain how to do so successfully.
  • Contact Form: Contact form
    Messages sent from the Contact form go directly to the mods: Please note that the reply will come in the form of a Private Message.
    Sending another message because you've failed to check your PMs will result in a warning telling you to check your PMs.

Helpful Threads

Re: Links and Info for New Members

Posted: 15 Nov 2021, 23:17
by Gravy
[ADMIN NOTE: The below post is from 2021 and so some of the information is likely outdated. Please see the Guidelines & Basics tab of the Review Team Page instead.]

Links and info for Review Team members

Please note that the Review Team is run on Eastern Standard Time. You should update the status of your review a day before the official deadline if you are in a different time zone.

PayPal is the ONLY method of payment. Members are NOT allowed to share Paypal addresses.

Review Books are mostly ebooks. You must be able to read and review ebooks to review for the Review Team.

For the self-purchase review option, any format is acceptable. However, for the reimbursed paperback reviews, a physical copy is required. If the description states Self-Purchase, that means you would have to pay for the book and would NOT be reimbursed for the cost of buying the book.

Late payments need to be reported via your history tab. Please note that editing your preferences will delay the link that allows you to report late payments from showing up. If the link is late, it's because you edited your preferences and need to wait for it to show up.

After submitting the review, the formatting will appear glitched as it goes through the editing process. This is completely normal and nothing to worry about.

Books on Bookshelves cannot be read or downloaded and are just for show. Your Review Team page explains where and how to get review books.

If you want to review for the site DO NOT mark that you have written a book on your preferences tab. This will place you in the author group and remove your access to the Review Team.
If you do mark that you have written a book and wind up in the author group, just go the Contact Form page and choose the 'I am not an author' option. This will remove you from the author group.

Please note that Amazon requires a $50 minimum purchase to submit reviews. These are Amazon's requirements, NOT OBC's. If you don't meet Amazon's requirements and can't leave a review, you should update your Preferences to reflect that.

Re: Links and Info for New Members

Posted: 15 Nov 2021, 23:18
by Gravy
Trial Bookshelf Moderator Group

The Bookshelf Moderators are a group of members who volunteer to help keep the Bookshelves in order.

  • Please do NOT apply if you are new/just joined the site.
  • Members must have at least 200 posts and have at least 50 books on their shelves to be considered.
  • There is no pay or boost to a reviewer's level for being a Bookshelf Moderator.

Re: Links and Info for New Members

Posted: 15 Nov 2021, 23:21
by Gravy
Daily Giveaway
  • If the Giveaway prize is overdue, a special contact link will appear on the giveaway history page. You should inquire about the prize via that link only.
  • You should not claim entries until you have successfully fulfilled their requirements. Failing to fulfill even one requirement and claiming it will lead to disqualification and the loss of all the entries you previous accumulated.
  • It's highly recommended that you check your links often, as they can age out and become defunct. A defunct link will also result in a disqualification.
  • If the link to the book on the Giveaway page does not work, use the link provided in your Book of the Day subscription email.

Re: Links and Info for New Members

Posted: 15 Nov 2021, 23:22
by Gravy
Book of the Month
  • BOTM=Book of the Month
  • Threads and comments need to be on-topic.
  • Comments should be meaningful and contribute to the conversation.
  • Short, vague and/or overly generic posts will not be approved.

Re: Links and Info for New Members

Posted: 15 Nov 2021, 23:23
by Gravy
Searching the Forums
  • Site Search
  • Searching for the most uncommon word in a title/subject will give the best results.
  • When checking for existing threads for non-review topics, remember to search for synonyms as well.
  • You can limit your search to a specific forum, so if you're looking for threads for reviewer help, limiting your search to the off-topic section, or even the Review Team Support forum, will give the best results. (If searching for a thread for a book, it's probably best not to limit the forums being searched.)
  • You can choose between having the results be posts, or threads.
  • You can choose to search posts (meaning the whole text of posts) or titles. Searching titles is particularly helpful when looking for existing threads.
  • Once you have searched and have some results, if there are a lot of results, you can narrow them down using the search function just above the results.(Or by using a 'find in page' function on your device.)

Re: Links and Info for New Members

Posted: 15 Nov 2021, 23:26
by Gravy
Helpful and Interesting Links

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