Fussy Fantasy Reader

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Fussy Fantasy Reader

Post by TwistedHelix » 08 Jul 2018, 07:21

Hi All,

I like Fantasy, however, not J R R tolkein remakes. They are all painfully samey; Coming of age stable boy, a princess a big bad that's bad for badness sakes. Ridiculously long bloated narration. Cliche language such as the "for the.." template etc.

I enjoyed Feists work somewhat, and the actual LOTR was decent. GoT has been decent, though still have to power through the above issues.

My finished fantasy reading lists are
1. Dark Tower
2. Feists trilogy
3. H Potter
4. The Night Watch series (fantastic if you can grit through the average translation. I forgave it as Russian to direct English is essentially impossible so kudos to the editors/translators for getting it 95% correct).
6. GoT

My incomplete list due to "not for me" is growing faster than wildfire.
I like fantasy, however am getting tired of the same old formats of medievil setting.

Are there any fantasys set with standard tech or advanced tech?

I DO NOT mean tech has to be involved with magical systems.
I DO NOT mean tech has to play any sort of major role.

I do not want a space opera with magic.

I literally mean a novel with magic and arcane wonders where instead of travelling by horse - a car or car-like invention exists.
Where instead of a big battle being yet another castle smash, could be a military complex.

Preferably also not based on Earth.

I have tried Jim Butchers dresden files and ugh, no, just no.

Yes I am fussy. Yes I am blunt.

But I hate having no books to read, and have gone a few months finding nothing but LOTR remakes, like Sanderson et al. It's all the same story in terms of setting and atmosphere, only the plot differs, but has the same allegorical feel.

Many thanks.

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Post by Rumbly » 13 Jul 2018, 17:12

Hmm I only read Harry Potter and watched some of Game of Thrones >.<"

But here are my recommendations; they probably don't fit the bill though but worth a shot; click the links for better idea of the novel and they're all free to read online:

Coiling Dragon by I Eat Tomatoes
Main Character Linley travels across worlds, undergoes trials, and fights enemies in order to reclaim the glory of his Dragonblood Warrior clan and protect his friends/family.
(It has a Magic Academy Arc + 1 World has flying metallic lifeforms or flying ships or blimps basically + Not Based on Earth )

Warlock of Magus World by the Plagiarist Main Character transmigrate into a fantasy and magic world with his AI chip, and embarks on his own path to become the most powerful magus
(It has MC with Biochip + Magic Academy Arc + Some worlds with aerial transport/airships/guns/armored cars + Arcane Magic + Not Based on Earth )

Seoul Station’s Necromancer
Main character returns to Earth only to find that monsters have come to invade the world.
(It has a Necromancer MC + Magic + Modern Day Earth)

And maybe these two but they're incomplete and ongoing : Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint & The Novel's Extra

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Post by Ksharmilla » 14 Jul 2018, 19:38

Have you tried the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini? I find it similar to LOTR and Harry Potter in some aspects but it's nice. It's set in a land called Alagaesia.

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Post by TwistedHelix » 20 Jul 2018, 06:02

Many thanks for the replies. I shall give all titles recommended a chance.

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