Romance and time-how is romance different now?

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David Horta Alonso
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Re: Romance and time-how is romance different now?

Post by David Horta Alonso » 16 Aug 2018, 00:47

I don't think romance has changed that much. It's only that romance today is two sided unlike in the sixties when only the male species were expected to be romantic.

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Post by a9436 » 16 Aug 2018, 03:27

I think it depends on the definition of romance - is it a feeling, or a practice? The feeling, of the butterflies in one's stomach, of the heart racing etc. are timeless, but the practices change depending on societal norms, both in terms of time and location. Where I live, writing poetry would be considered old-fashioned, but a man sending roses to a woman would not be, (and I wonder why we still have gendered traditions such as this). Then with personal preferences, things get even more complicated!

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Post by Kajori50 » 16 Aug 2018, 04:04

Romance has always been the same. The same wild feelings, the rebellious hearts striving to be together, the same anxiety and the same passion. The only thing that changed is our perception and the way we handle things.

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Post by GabbiV » 16 Aug 2018, 11:42

I think that romance has evolved, at least from my American generation Z perspective, to such a point that all partners are seen as equals. Traditional gender roles are slowly being abolished, ie. men doing the cooking etc.

David Horta Alonso
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Post by David Horta Alonso » 16 Aug 2018, 14:31

Today's romance is overated. I prefer the romance of the sixties that was simple and real.

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Post by Facennagoss » 18 Aug 2018, 17:12

SereneCharles wrote:
21 Jun 2018, 07:34
I don't see much difference in romance between then and now. It has always been filled with wild thoughts/actions and stomach full of butterflies (at least thats how i see it). Its the same now, but taken more advantage of than in the past. People form romantic relationships without any real romance, probably for the money in it.
I agree. I don’t believe the act of romance itself and how it is perceived by those involved is any different. What is different is how it is perceived by outsiders and society.

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Post by Fozia-Bajwa » 20 Aug 2018, 04:23

Romance of only one kind has been shown by all the couples in this story. So there is nothing special about the romantic re relationships of these couples.

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Post by palmerNgozi » 21 Aug 2018, 17:10

I wouldn't say that there is no difference in the romance of 2018 rather I would conclude that the latter romance is filled with lust, impatience, jealousy also. But yet, it just compensates with the present time we have found ourselves.
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Joe Hadithi
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Post by Joe Hadithi » 28 Aug 2018, 03:00

There are certainly huge differences, and one of them is that we want things moving along quicker now. getting to know and enjoy the other person is a rare thing in today's scene.

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Post by 1ditzyrn » 28 Aug 2018, 14:13

I think romance was a bit of a luxury in the past, as most married for position or wealth. I also think that in the past women had to choose from suitors who were in her "class", whereas now society doesn't really follow this type of class based system.

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Post by abbiejoice » 29 Aug 2018, 20:25

I think romance can be both different and the same. It is different in that customs from older periods may require arranged marriages or different periods of courtship. It is the same in that the heart will always be able to feel love and will always long for someone who can meet one's needs of not being alone.

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Post by RT_offscript » 13 Sep 2018, 18:43

Morganncall wrote:
20 Jun 2018, 14:33
There are some great couples in this book from three different time periods Fioretta Gorini and Giuliano de Medici, Sophia Caro and the German officer Gerhard Jaeger, and Angela Renatus and Alex Caine. Each have their own story and their own kind of love, but are their stories that different? is romance different in 2018 than it was in the other time periods? if yes, how, and do you think that it's a bad thing that it is different?
Hi Morgancall -

I like your topic. :) In my opinion, romance is the same and also different when comparing time periods.

When I really think about your topic, love - to me - simply requires the following: (1) a loving relationship between two people and (2) their actions for each other as a result of their love. So, in reference to this logic, romance in 2018 is not that different from romance in other time periods.

However, romantic stories can be different between other time periods and cultures due to societal norms. In each historical period and country, society accepts certain people and things as normal; and if one deviates from the norm, then one's romantic entanglements can become more difficult and/or interesting.

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Post by FallyMike » 27 Sep 2018, 01:16

True love and lust are two distinct feelings... I don't know any other book that describes this disparity than this marvellous book..... Though the book's setting was old fashioned but then it perfectly depicts what happens between the youths of nowadays.....

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serendipity 27
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Post by serendipity 27 » 22 Nov 2018, 12:31

I think romance is different now in the sense that you can be more open about it. Back then there were more rules in society that you had to follow and be careful about. I feel like now you can be with whoever you want to and not worry about the consequences so much.
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