Do you research a book before you read it?

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Do you research a book before you read it?

Post by RabidFox » 13 Jun 2018, 14:42

Personally, I like to have some kind of idea of what I'm going to read first. I prefer to know a little about the setting, a little about the plot, a little about the characters, and maybe a little about the author. Basically, I want to know if I'm making a good choice beforehand. I don't want to start reading something and then find that I dislike it and have wasted my time. You can only read so many books in a month and so many books in a year and so on. It's not like it's a film and it's going to be over in an hour. I can always watch something without spending a great deal of time concentrating on it, as you do when you read a novel. The idea of just picking up any old book is not appealing to me. I prefer to use my time wisely, and look for things that I will really enjoy.

What are your thoughts?

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Post by Micoto » 14 Jun 2018, 06:59

I just want to know what its genre cause I like being surprised by the story.

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Post by Book lover26 » 14 Jun 2018, 07:29

I also like to research the books beforehand, mainly the author, the reviews and the author's previous books. You just can't from the summary on the back of the book alone, while this may be very well written and draw you in, there is still the possibility the book will not meet the standard of writing that you expect just from the summary. There is nothing worse than picking up a book only to find its lacking and you just can't get into it.

I recently read a book, where the summary was fantastic, I researched the author etc, when I came to the reviews it was mainly 4 stars I think there were only 2 reviews with less than 4-star ratings. Was really looking forward to getting stuck in. It was poorly written and I just couldn't get into. Unfortunately I had no choice but to finish it and it just didn't give me that sense of being lost in a book at all.

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Post by rave_2 » 14 Jun 2018, 16:48

If the description provided with the book isn't that good, I usually look around to get a better idea of the plot. Then I use that to decide if I wanted to read it or not.

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Post by mgosselin137 » 15 Jun 2018, 08:48

I will normally read the description of the book on the cover as well as the first few pages and a couple pages from somewhere in the middle. I find that the writing style of the author has a significant impact on my opinion of a book. I try to read a few pages to get an idea if the voice is one that will appeal to me or not. It is always a let down when the plot sounds fantastic and the book has great reviews, but the writing just doesn't hold my attention.

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Post by Dael Reader » 17 Jun 2018, 19:47

Generally, the only "research" I do is read the intro on the dustcover. I get quite a few recommendations from friends and fellow bookclub members though.

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Post by kjs237 » 18 minutes ago

If someone recommends a book to me, I usually go to Amazon and read the reviews first. I also ask around to see if any of my friends have read it or heard anything about it. I do hate starting a book that shows promise only to find that the writing style just isn't for me or that the book is just boring. So, I sometimes get a sample of it or click on the look inside feature on Amazon. That usually gives me a good idea of whether or not I can get into reading it.

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