Jane Eyre or Pride and Prejudice?

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Re: Jane Eyre or Pride and Prejudice?

Post by teresao » 22 Dec 2018, 15:45

I like Pride and Prejudice, but for me I'd choose Jane Eyre every time. I love how she is true to her personal beliefs and values even when it gives her more heartache and challenges. I like how both she and Mr. Rochester grow and develop and how their own individual growth makes the end super satisfying.

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Post by Ilaria_ » 25 Dec 2018, 11:22

Pride and prejudice! I love jane eyre, but I like jane austen's writing style better

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Post by fairlightla » 26 Dec 2018, 15:31

Definitely Pride and Prejudice; it is a personal favorite. Jane Eyre is dragged out and tedious. There is suspense, conflict, and a satisfying ending to both books, but Pride and Prejudice is extremely well written and not half as long and drawn out as Jane Eyre.

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Post by midlifedatingexpert » 27 Dec 2018, 20:21

P&P all the way. Both excellent woman authors, but we were raised on Austen. Protagonists and their lifestyles are both quite different! If I'd said as I was thinking, "Jane! Jane! Jane!" it might have been misconstrued to be the heroine rather than the author, lol. GREAT question!

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Post by patrioconnor28 » 02 Jan 2019, 13:39

Hi! I read both of them and for me, your friend is right. I think that Jane Eyre is one of the best books I've ever read. It's not just focused on love, but also the difficulties that a girl had to endure during those times. You can have a glance at that period of time, and even more, you can also find moral debates and mystery in this wonderful book. In addition, if you know the author's life or have heard about it, the beginning of the novel and also the job of the main character represent it. It is lovely that you can feel so close not just with the main character, but also with the writer herself. Hope you read it! You will enjoy it for sure!

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Post by PegR » 12 Jan 2019, 23:00

I've read both stories. But It all I identify my self with Elizabeth Bennet that no matter what, I'm always team Jane Austen. She really displayed how our own judgement can blind us from seeing the best in people, we should give the benefit of a doubt and if anyone let's you down, it's on them not on you. Each person has their own world and we should respect them.

And Darcy, is the ideal men. Honest with his feelings but very introvert. :D :D :D

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Post by FaeWitch » 13 Jan 2019, 19:30

I've read both, and I prefer Jane Eyre myself. Not only do I personally find Jane a more relatable character, but there's just more there that I find interesting as a reader. The romance is a large overarching plot, to be sure, but it's just the story of Jane's life. Her brief but unhappy time with her Aunt Reed, her time at Lowood where she begins miserable but comes into her own as she grows, her move to Thornfield Hall, and every adventure after. The story never stays in one place for too long, Jane's life being so often in transition. There's the intrigue as to who her family might be, are they all poor or is there someone who could help her? The question of the woman locked away in a high corner of Thornfield Hall (could it really be Grace Poole laughing so madly?), Mr. Rochester's checkered past, and just how Jane will balance her heart and her pride with all that life throws at her. She's a wonderfully human character, with just as many flaws as redeeming qualities, and her struggle to simply live her life with both dignity and happiness is eternally relatable. I find myself going back to this book over and over again just to get lost in it.

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