Marry Me in The Afternoon

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Marry Me in The Afternoon

Post by Daniel-book » 27 Apr 2018, 04:15

When I ignored your advances,
When I told you to leave me alone,
I thought I would get someone else better than you,
I thought you were not of my type,
But now I know better.

When I turned down your dinner offers,
When I never responded to your text massages,
When I never received your numerous calls,
I thought I was doing the right thing,
Pushing you away to create room for someone else better than you,
But now I know better.

When I lied to you,
When I kept you waiting in vain for me in town,
When I instructed my sisters to tell you that I am not around,
I thought I was doing the correct thing,
After all, what did I stand to lose?
But now I know better.

When I mocked your looks,
When I laughed at your accent,
When I hurled insults at you and warned you of dire consequences if you disturb me again,
When I turned down your marriage proposal and hurriedly whisked you out of our compound,
I thought I did the right thing to get rid of you before you get to embarrass me before my friends and family,
And even when you finally left me alone,
I heaved a sigh of relief,
But since then things have not been the same for me,
Memories of you have haunted me since you left.

It has been two and a half years since you deleted me from your life,
But I have never stopped thinking about you,
All the other men who I thought were better than you only used me,
They all disappointed me,
I gave them everything but they succeeded in wasting my time,
Now I know you are the one who was true to me,
I know you have since moved on,
I know “chunyi ose a kwoma,”
But I want you back,
I want you to want me again,
I want you to propose to me again,
In fact, marry me today,
Marry me in the afternoon.

*chunyi ose a kwoma* -A Luo word meaning 'your heart has rejected me."

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Post by Akosua + » 18 May 2018, 09:32

I noticed 'massage' instead of 'message' and that put me off a little. I've been through what the persona is going through so it's a totally relatable poetry to girls like her.

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