Official Review: Executive Hoodlum by John Costello

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Re: Official Review: Executive Hoodlum by John Costello

Post by Ever_Reading » 26 Apr 2018, 00:50

This review is top shelf stuff! It is detailed and well thought out. It gave me enough detail to get interested and yet managed to leave me wanting more.

Big ups to you mate :D

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Post by holsam_87 » 26 Apr 2018, 00:52

This is the type of memoir I would like to read. It sounds like John Costello led an interesting life and I wouldn't mind giving it a read.
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Post by SaffraWhishart » 26 Apr 2018, 00:54

I totally understood what you meant when you said that the way John tells his story makes you feel like a close relative. He really has storytelling power. Some people have storytelling power in the form of writing, and can write eloquently and descriptively; others have the power of spoken story. John Costello's story reads like he has the latter. It's not the best-written book I've read--he rambles some, he's not very descriptive, certainly not eloquent. But as I read it it's like I can hear him speaking it aloud, and it's strongly compelling.

I noticed he has a co-writer. I wonder if this guy deserves a lot of applause as well, if he was the one able to capture John's spoken style. THat takes a specific talent as well, capturing someone else's voice.

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Post by eddix » 26 Apr 2018, 01:02

Thank you for this review. It has piqued my interest in this genre, and certainly in this book. I'm looking forward to reading it.

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Post by LV2R » 26 Apr 2018, 01:12

This was a very thorough review and well written. The review gave a good summary of the book. The review makes me want to read the book to find out how John manages to rise above his difficult situation and environment to becoming a successful businessman. Good job!

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Post by Reb63OBC » 26 Apr 2018, 01:19

I just downloaded Executive Hoodlum by John Costello on Kindle. I read the sample pages before hand. It has several interesting twist and turns that will keep me busy reading for awhile. Since I have work besides the Book Club, it will take me a while before I do a full review.

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Post by mimikelly » 26 Apr 2018, 01:22


What a engaging and informative book. very logic as well. Well done John Castello.Looking forward to more books from you.Just wanna say thank you.

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Post by ShawnNea » 26 Apr 2018, 01:25

I love the cover page of the book but the the title is somehow creepy.

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Post by Samanthajayne12 » 26 Apr 2018, 01:52

I haven’t read many memoirs before but I love a story that you can really connect with. This sounds like a great book and I would love to give it a try! It’s lovely how you say the writer manages to make you feel like you’ve known him for years like a close friend.

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Post by Mouricia25 » 26 Apr 2018, 02:07

This is a book I would definitely read. I like books that talk about rise to fame. Adding to my list of books to read..

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Post by stedape » 26 Apr 2018, 02:13

This seems entertaining. The book is a memoir that deserves accolades and is worth reading

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Post by Babypujari » 26 Apr 2018, 02:18

The review explains both about the book and about the author. Fantastic effort.

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Post by Raerugi » 26 Apr 2018, 02:20

This is a must read for everyone it serves as a great motivation I have read the sample pages am yet to give a full review because of school

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Post by tarafarah7 » 26 Apr 2018, 02:22

Today's BOTD sounds awesome! I love reading stories of perseverance and strength. I'm also happy to hear that there are updates provided about each person at the end of the book because, YES, so many times I've been left wondering what became of certain individuals. This is a huge plus, in my opinion. I'm really looking forward to reading this one, and I'm so excited about it being free. Yay! Thank you! :-)

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Post by Disneyland » 26 Apr 2018, 02:34

'Official Review: Executive Hoodlum, by John Costello', is the result of an intense reading of the story of the book! The review seems to be a part of the book!

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