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Re: First sentence of current book

Post by BethLawrence1 » 09 Aug 2018, 10:46

I'm guessing you've bought my book because you know the basics about me (glasses, cake, potty mouth) and would like to know more.

How to be Champion by Sarah Millican

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Post by ea_anthony » 09 Aug 2018, 12:26

Zap! Zap! Zap! The machine gun bullets thudded into Jamie’s knapsack, which protruded just above the jagged limestone rocks where he was sheltering.

The Warramunga's War by Greg Kater
Ignorance promotes divisiveness, knowledge encourages diversity. :techie-studyingbrown:

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Post by AnnaKathleen » 09 Aug 2018, 15:29

Once upon a time, an angel and a devil held a wishbone between them.

Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor
"I became darkness, shadow and wind." - Sarah J. Maas A Court of Mist and Fury

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Post by AmyMarie2171 » 09 Aug 2018, 19:57

Leotychides of Sparta sets down these matters of rulers and kings, so that strangers may know of Lakedaimon, and how it led the Hellenes in peace and in war.

-- "The Fox" by M.N.J Butler

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Post by Christineegm » 11 Aug 2018, 15:52

Lads Dracul had cut through blood and bones to get the castle. Bright we Burn by Kiersten White

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Post by sam_jennifer_may » 12 Aug 2018, 14:57

WELCOME TO THE beautiful Sinclair Family.

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart.

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Post by Redlegs » 12 Aug 2018, 21:57

I had been making the rounds of the Sacrifice Poles the day we heard my brother had escaped.

The Wasp Factory, Iain Banks
So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

The Great Gatsby, F Scott Fitzgerald

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Post by Damo81 » 13 Aug 2018, 08:58

Does our consciousness-mind,soul,or,spirit end with the death of our body?.

The immortle mind. Ervin laszlo

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Post by Beth KG » 13 Aug 2018, 09:48

by Beth KG
Near-hurricane-force winds battered the Society Islands at the ocean's surface, but a mile below sea leave there was only a hint of the turmoil above.

30th Century Escape
Mark Kingston Levin PhD

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Post by Nicolene Nix » 14 Aug 2018, 01:44

Pia was blackmailed into committing a crime more suicidal than she could possibly have imagined, and she has no one to blame but herself.

Elder Races, #1 Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison

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Post by Book Bear » 14 Aug 2018, 11:09

The House of Baric had been turned into a bit of a turmoil for such a fine June Day.

A Brother's Defense (The House of Baric trilogy book 2) by Jillian Bald.

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Post by Taekwondoqueen » 14 Aug 2018, 12:00

It took less than five minutes Lance Corporal Kim Bock to realize they were on their own.

Ezekiel Boone, Zero Day.

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Post by NelVel » 15 Aug 2018, 11:35

When Balwen's last sits on the stolen throne,...
Dream Walker by J D OSwald

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Post by BookishLamb » 15 Aug 2018, 19:53

You're Invited: Seeking women aged 18 to 32 to participate in a study on ethics and morality conducted by a preeminent NYC psychiatrist.

- An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

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Post by Emi_Review » 16 Aug 2018, 13:14

Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again.

Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier.

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