What did you think of the movie "Get out"?

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Re: What did you think of the movie "Get out"?

Post by JuliaKay » 06 May 2018, 08:53

I enjoyed the movie, but I couldn't tell which genre it was supposed to be. Horror, comedy, drama? I thought the acting was pretty good. The concept was great, but I wish it had been pulled off in a more serious way. I think racism and prejudices are serious as well as white people taking credit for the work of black people. Some of the movie seemed like it was poking fun at serious issues though.
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Aixa Miller
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Post by Aixa Miller » 09 May 2018, 13:33

This movie was definitely different. I was expecting your typical horror/scary movie but it was more than that. Trying to figure out what made these people tick and think that black people were better and faster than them, made it intriguing, and the lengths they would go to accomplish what they wanted was ruthless.

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Post by Mely918 » 01 Jun 2018, 23:00

I actually ended up liking it more than I thought I would. I was initially skeptical about watching it because I was afraid that it was just another over-hyped movie. While I didn't really like the twist, I did like the political statement they made. It goes very well with certain societal issues that we are facing to this day.

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Post by gkgurley » 12 Jun 2018, 14:56

Oh my gosh, what a terrifying mind f**k! I've only seen it once, it was so good that I don't think I can see it again without being ill. Such an impressive and poignant film.

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Post by gkgurley » 12 Jun 2018, 14:57

The thing that stood out to me was the different "types" of racism. It was interesting to me that they talked about "collecting"; white people want to co-op minority culture and collect it.

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Post by Julehart1 » 20 Jun 2018, 11:20

I liked that movie. It had scares, twists and turns and, also had interesting characters. It obviously also dealt with important topics like racism. This movie really makes you think afterward, which is a good thing. I actually watched it twice which I don't do too often. It was pretty well done.

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Post by Philosophicalbread1 » 10 Jul 2018, 22:32

The movie is really good. I’m impressed with Jordan Peele. He is a brilliant comedian but I didn’t know he is also a brilliant filmmaker. Bravo to him. I loved when he talked about watching the movie through the girlfriend’s point of view. The story gets darker if you finally understand why the girlfriend did what she did.

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Post by shryl04 » 11 Jul 2018, 02:28

Very mature movie, gruesome toward end, some slight jokes in beginning, nowhere near funny overall as a movie due to the very deep storyline. I absolutely loved this movie.

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Post by Burgundy1991 » 12 Jul 2018, 11:40

I'm not really a horror fan but occasionally, I find exceptions to the rule. Get Out was definitely an exception!

I loved its exploration of racism. Racism doesn't have to be calling someone the n word, not giving someone a job, or being targeted by police, but also how some character traits are seen to be exclusively black. We saw the main character being auctioned off, so he could benefit one white person. Those taken by the white family lost their identity and control. The plot was so clever and creepy.

At the end of the film, when the police arrive, I thought the main character was going to be shot by the police officer who hassled him earlier (police brutality, anyone?) but thankfully we had a happy ending.

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Post by TaaraLynn » 12 Jul 2018, 14:33

I actually never wanted to see the movie, but my former college showed it as a surprise for their fall/October fest. And it was a "drive-in" movie and our car was stuck where it was. The movie wasn't scary to me, overly bizzare (as someone previously mentioned) and it wasn't bad. I don't need to see it again though.
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Post by history100 » 17 Jul 2018, 17:53

b_arnall wrote:
26 Feb 2018, 11:56
I absolutely don't understand all the hype. Basically it was the same concept as The Skeleton Key with Kate Hudson but without the romatic novelesque setting or detail.
Exactly! I thought the same thing. I was not that impressed by Get Out because it was so similar to Skeleton key. I'm glad somebody else saw that, too.

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Post by juliamenez » 02 Aug 2018, 20:50

I thought that the "Honest Trailers" summary of it on youtube was spot-on. As some others in this thread have mentioned, I found it to be more weird than scary.

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Olotu Titilayo
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Post by Olotu Titilayo » 04 Aug 2018, 15:04

ALONZO44 wrote:
06 Feb 2018, 05:40
I thought it was a good movie, I don't think its academy award worthy, there were a few flaws in the movie. Such as how did he get the ear plugs in his ears when his hands were bound?
He got the wool from the chair after scratching it for a while and perhaps bent his ear to fix it

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Post by dbulkley » 05 Aug 2018, 10:31

Get Out wasn’t as good to me as others thought. It had great subject matter, but didn’t necessarily make it great.
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Post by sam_jennifer_may » 12 Aug 2018, 15:40

Get out was incredible. I HATE horror films to the extent where I refuse to watch any regardless of reviews and buzz. But get out blew my mind. The topic was so relevant, and written, directed, acted and produced by people who have had very similar racial experiences which I think is so important. More importantly, it effectively educated white people on how their words and behaviour are interpreted regardless of whether their intention was good.

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