At What Age Did You Start Cooking Food?

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Re: At What Age Did You Start Cooking Food?

Post by Love2read38 »

I started cooking at the age of 10 . This is an inherited love of mine since my father loves to cook . My grandmother taught him.

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Post by Queenyx »

Frankly, at the age of 19 will in college. My meals were either tasteless or too salty. I knew something was wrong but being an over pampered child, I didn't know how to pin point the exact mistake each food had. I forced myself to eat those foods then compare it with my mother's food whenever i travel home from the college. This was so in order that I learn how good tasty food should really taste

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Post by leximutia »

The first time I ever tried cooking anything was when I was five. I attempted to cook scrambled eggs, and I remember accidentally dumping in so much pepper that the mixture turned almost black... It wasn't very tasty.

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Post by Netvigator72 »

I was about eleven when I started with chocolate lava cakes.

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Post by Neoli »

I think I was about 10 when I started to cook. If I remember correctly, I became interested in cooking after watching a lot of cooking shows with my mom and helping her out in the kitchen.

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Post by CupofJoie »

I started cooking at the age of 19 😂 The solo condominium life forced me to 😂. Anyways, I’m slowly falling in love with it ❤️ I guess it’s never too late to learn anything!

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Post by Honest-reviewer »

I think I was 13 years old. I remember making my first dish which was instant noodles😅😂. I made my own recipe and not according to the instructions.

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Post by Amalia Lantano »

I learned to cook at the age of 9.

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Post by cookiedough »

Pretty late, when I went to college. I just cook to survive and bake for fun.

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Post by J_u_d_y26+ »

I started cooking when I got admission in to college

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Post by Bri C »

I really only baked until I went to college. I cooked eggs, stuff like that, but didn't make 'proper' meals. Even in college, I cooked a bit more, but instead of making meat/veggies/starch for every meal, I'd eat all brussels sprouts for one meal, all cooked meat for the next, etc...

I loved baking books, got lots of inspiration from them, but all the cookbooks I've looked at have just been so repetitive. I'd love to find a really good one one day.

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