Review by Moureenkaranu -- Strong Heart by Charlie Sheldon

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Review by Moureenkaranu -- Strong Heart by Charlie Sheldon

Post by Moureenkaranu » 09 Aug 2017, 14:45

[Following is a volunteer review of "Strong Heart" by Charlie Sheldon.]
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Review : Strong Heart by Charlie Sheldon
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By Moureen Karanu

Strong Heart is one of the most incredible fiction novel I have ever read. It's a story of a Native American grandfather named Tom ,who is going for a trip to visit his grandfather's grave BobBob . He asks his friend William to accompany him despite of his poor health ,in turn William also asks his daughter Myra to join them despite also of her struggles over different issues in life,because he knew he might need help from Myra who is skilled in the woods.

As they were preparing for the trip someone knocked on the door .William opened the door and saw a woman with a child shivering next to her and she let them in .The woman was Ruth Tom's ex wife, she introduced the child to Tom as his granddaughter .Tom gets shocked with the news because he was not aware he had a granddaughter. Ruth further explains that she was Becky's child their late daughter . Ruth also tells Tom that she had brought her in order for him to also take his share of looking after his her as she had done the past few days. She finally tell Tom that her name was Sarah then she leaves.

Tom could believe it , but he is later convinced its her granddaughter because she looked exactly like Becky did at her age. Tom is led into a dilemma whether he continue with the journey or not. Sarah on the other had she portrait as a I'll mannered child for instant she says that she never knew that her grandmother was a tight ass ,she is also ungrateful to his grandfather after she cooks her the elk. Sarah also seems to have a strong and hot spirit.

Tom later decides to go on with the trip but he is into a dilemma whether to take Sarah along. His friend William and her daughter convinces him to take her along by them suggesting that it would be agreat opportunity for Sarah to know his grandfather better ,and also she will also get an opportunity to honour her ancestor .Sarah also didn't want to go because he felt that his grandfather's didn't like her

Later the trip takes off it's followed by series of events containing historical facts ,mysterious legend and spiritual quest .Sarah is also mischievous and rebellious throughout the trip,at some point she disappears and later shows up and tells a story of a long time ago Native American history. The trip helps Tom and his granddaughter Sarah to bond ,Tom even promises Sarah he will take her along the following year. I felt the trip completely changes Sarah life the granddaughter to Tom.

I enjoyed reading the book ,the flow of the story was effective and it seemed a well researched book. The writing style is good and the story is well organized. Also the theme ,plot and environment the author created made the book enjoyable to read and interesting .

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars.

Strong Heart
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Post by KylaWaudo » 26 Sep 2017, 09:50

The review is short and precise

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Post by Ashley Simon » 28 Sep 2017, 08:11

I enjoyed this book as well. It was a captivating story!
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Post by Romeo Dawn » 29 Oct 2017, 01:33

Please I don't know how to go about this need help

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