What was the last thing you made from scratch?

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Re: What was the last thing you made from scratch?

Post by Auschef_53 » 18 May 2018, 20:33

Shepherd's Pie

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Post by Gmdiamzon 2 » 23 May 2018, 10:18

I turned the over riped banana into banana cake.

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Post by Faithmwangi » 24 May 2018, 00:35

The last thing i made from scratch is cake.Speaking of which i should definitely bake again soon.

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Post by Noraine Alissa Poria » 11 Oct 2018, 01:37

I made a ravioli from the scratch, it's not that good but it's ok.

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Post by honeydropz » 17 Oct 2018, 10:36

i made yam pottage from scratch wwith yam, crayfish, lots of vegetables and green beans. it was so yummy

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Post by Farida Bali » 18 Oct 2018, 21:36

I make pretty much everything from scratch, the last was rice and beef stew with smoked fish.

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Post by Charlyt » 22 Oct 2018, 01:49

Red Velvet Cake
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Post by Jsovermyer » 22 Oct 2018, 19:01

Loretta Lynn fried chicken. It was delicious.

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Post by HailKingEbi » 23 Oct 2018, 18:54

I've never made anything from scratch.
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Post by HollandBlue » 24 Oct 2018, 10:22

Vegetable soup
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Post by Ksharmilla » 26 Oct 2018, 09:27

Macaroni and cheese. Not baked, but all cooked up in a pot and added some potatoes into the mix. Basic comfort food for me.
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Post by shelman95 » 26 Oct 2018, 12:24

I've been making pizza from scratch lately and haven't been getting it down yet but one day it'll come out perfect. :)

But the last thing I made from scratch that came out perfect was carrot cake cupcakes for my friend's birthday and another batch for my aunt's birthday. They came out soo good, I ate 3 and I don't even like carrot cake! lol

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Post by brittany_t » 07 Nov 2018, 23:58

Peanut Butter Cookies

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Post by Anna Maria 86 » 31 Dec 2018, 01:23

I make almost everything from scratch. All the dinners are cooked from scratch. I also love baking. Sometimes I even bake bread. The things I buy are usually ingredients anyway, not box, ready-made food, so I buy tomato pure, mayonese, bread, canned beans. Yesterday I made hamburger patties with rice and carrots on the side.

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