Official Review: 30th Century: Escape

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Israel Adegboye
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Re: Official Review: 30th Century: Escape

Post by Israel Adegboye » 16 Sep 2017, 03:39

The premise of the book is okay. However the graphic illustration and other things the reviewer pointed out should not be overlooked.
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Nwonye Obini
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Post by Nwonye Obini » 16 Sep 2017, 05:45

Travelling back and forth time is a captivating subject. It is a reality, and should not be dismissed with a wave of hand by materialists.

Quantum Mechanics, String Theory and some other parts of physics not yet fully developed will give us an insight into the puzzling subject of time.

Mark Kingston is another that has given us some cud to chew.

Hamisi Kassanga
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Post by Hamisi Kassanga » 16 Sep 2017, 06:05

An elaborate review.I had read the first chapter, and was not comfortable with the writing style. However, the review has given me a glimpse. And hopefully I will get back to the book.

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Post by DeboraSilva » 16 Sep 2017, 17:04

Overall seems like a good read, your great review made me curious, so I will most likely give it a try, it sounds interesting. I guess it will be funny to see how well the characters adapt to new situations.
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Post by Emmyblue » 16 Sep 2017, 22:53

So interesting, i've accationally imagine what the Future would look like, being a supanaturalist i've always love the ideas of time travell, from the reviews i think i love this book

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Post by Anjum » 17 Sep 2017, 02:44

I don't think that this book is for me. Thanks for the great review.
Latest Review: "The Elf Brief" by Jordan David

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Ana Njeri
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Post by Ana Njeri » 17 Sep 2017, 02:52

Great review. I love a novel full of action and mystery. Definitely going to read it.
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Post by Chitopogi » 17 Sep 2017, 05:20

The review was great! 30th Century: Escape is a sci-fi story which is my kind of read. And even though there are graphic sexual themes, the same sex, threesomes,, and foursomes turn me off a bit. Still I might take a chance on reading it.

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Ellen Scherer
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Post by Ellen Scherer » 17 Sep 2017, 09:56

Wow! This was a very insightful review. I began reading the sample of the book and wasn't very engaged. However, I might give it another try.
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Post by Tatafornow » 17 Sep 2017, 13:09

I think the book, 30th Century: Escape, has a promising premise, the actual story telling fell flat for me. It felt like the author was rushing to get plot points in rather than letting the story breathe and develop at a slower pace. Elements that could have been interesting twists or gut punching moments lost their impact. I can't agree with the high praise the reviewer gives this book.

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Post by bollyjay1 » 18 Oct 2017, 09:39

:lol2: nice one with good presentation
and view laps

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Post by Dolor » 11 Nov 2017, 09:15

An honest and upfront review. Thanks for warning the readers for something we might not like. For me male and female intimacy is awesome. Threesomes/foursomes and female to female are something animalistic. ?✌

Thabang Amos
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Post by Thabang Amos » 20 Nov 2017, 03:56

I actually like reading books of mystery and future like worlds were the need to know the future ties down with the demons of the past, therefore making it very interesting. I really enjoyed reading your review.
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Post by Paul78 » 22 Nov 2017, 05:29

Scerakor wrote:[ I am obligated to mention that in the second half of the book there were significant descriptions and instances of sex and sexual acts (male-female, threesomes/foursomes, female-female). The author was very upfront about this content and therefore it is not taken into consideration in this review. As it is significant part of the book and if you are insulted / turned away by this type of activity in a book, this may not be for you
The fact that you have noted the author's intention to alert the readers of the extreme erotic content shows that you are sensitive to readers who are not interested in erotic content.
The review is detailed and interesting to read
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Post by Tcharlyn » 01 Dec 2017, 20:24

I find this book intriguing. I thought I won't finish reading it. But I did. It's so advance I didnt get the story at first. This book taught me to choose my book to review next time. Nice read though.
Latest Review: "30th Century: Escape" by Mark Kingston Levin, PhD

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