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Latest Review: "Nightlord: Sunset" by Garon Whited

Review by JessieMarie84 -- Nightlord: Sunset

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Nightlord: Sunset" by Garon Whited.]
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2 out of 4 stars
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The book, Nightlord: Sunset by Garon Whited, give us another story about vampires. A different kind of vampire breed. Eric, who is the male lead, becomes a vampire one night while out with his two friends. Well, he goes home with a vampire lady, Sasha, who changes him at some point during his drunken stupor. She changes him into what they call a day walker. A type of vampire that can come out during the day and during the night. The only thing that they can't do is be in contact with the sun during the sunrise or the sunset.

So Eric finds out he is a vampire and that Sasha thinks he is some reincarnated guy from the tenth century. On that first day, Eric leaves, running to his friend Travis to have some tests done. Those tests throw up a flag warning to a group called The Fists of God. A sort of religious group that is bent on taking out any and all vampire as if it is their mission from their God to do so. Eric's first encounter with them is after he accepted what he has become, moving in with Sasha. He went back to see his friend, Travis since he hadn't talked to him in quite some time. A few weeks or so. The men from the Fists just happened to be there trying to get Travis to talk about the person he ran tests on. Eric killed those men. In turn, it wasn't the last time he would have a run in with these men. The next time he had a run-in with them, the Fists almost killed Eric and Sasha.

Eric had found out that his supposed former self was into magic. He read all the material about the magic the tenth-century guy had written down. Even started practicing himself. Opening a doorway, which was not what he was trying to do, he got one of the men from the Fists and tied him up. Offered him a chance to go back and tell his people that he, Eric, would take on the Fists in Death Valley. He was hoping they would take his deal of going head-to-head on September eighth. Unfortunate for Eric, as he went out to talk to Travis, he ended up losing the house he was now sharing with Sasha and lost Sasha herself. So all his magical work he needed help with, he had Travis help him.

This, in turn, had Eric going out for revenge. Not completely for Sasha, who he come to find was not the love of his life as he had thought she was. He found he was more so drawn to her because of a magic spell. Though, he thought eventually he could have loved her, for she was a good lady beside the fact that she made it so Terri, his ex-girlfriend, would not love him anymore. When Travis helped with a magic spell, one to open a doorway to where the Fists were, he opened this door to what appears to be the medieval time period. Is this where the Fists of God hid? Will Eric bring them down or at least find the Fists of God?

As for Eric and Sasha, they are what might be called succubus and incubus vampires. They can eat normal human food. They do drink blood, as they drank the blood of cows that lived on the land of the house they shared. They also “ate” the souls of people. Taking their whole soul and killing them, or taking parts of their soul. Even pieces of memories they could erase.

When I first started reading this book, I was impressed. Sort of. I only knew of the names of the two friend characters at the beginning of the book. It wasn't until almost completely through the first chapter that I found out our main character's name. Or the name of our female character. The part of not knowing Sasha's name right away, I got. As for not knowing Eric's name right away, I don't know why the author left it out for so long.

I can say, in my honest opinion, I have read better vampire books. Most just happen to be in the teen genre. I'm not saying I didn't like Nightlord: Sunset, it was a decent enough book. Knowing the time period in which this book takes place, that would have been great. All I had to go by was month and day, no year. The speech of them seemed to older like. I could see this with Sasha, as she was from as far back as the tenth century.

I'm not saying the book was bad in a way. Grammar seemed to be on par. The story line just wasn't what I expected. There was a lot of missing parts. A lot of “we talked for a while” without saying what they talked about or what they learned about each other as far as Eric and Sasha. I also think some of the stuff could've been taken out. No need for parts. The story seems to lag as a six hundred plus page book. If it didn't lag in parts, I think it would be an even better story line. It would flow better.

I can say, I did like the character, Eric. If he was a person in real life, I could like him as a friend. Not sure about the friends. What friends allow their drunk friend to go home with some strange person? I know probably a guy thing, but still. So right down to it, I rate 2 out of 4 stars for this book. Not because it's bad because it's a decent book. I rate it this because I have no one that I would recommend this book to. Would I read this again? No. If I found someone who I could recommend this book to, would I? Sure. If I could find someone who likes this kind of vampire book. I can say, I did like the book but not enough to keep reading the series since it seems to a part of one.

Nightlord: Sunset
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Latest Review: "Nightlord: Sunset" by Garon Whited

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