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Discuss the February 2016 book of the month, Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver.
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Re: Before I Fall movie

Post by Firefliz42 »

I have not read the book but the movie was ok.

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Post by S_Mulla »

The movie is quite repetitive but interesting. I disliked the ending of the movie but enjoyed the story line.

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Post by Lipscombpc »

I agree. I think some books work incredibly well as a novel but do not translate well to film...for me this is one of those movies. But I loved the novel and would highly recommend it if you haven’t read it yet.

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Post by AnnaKathleen »

I've been wondering if I should watch this or not. I loved the book. Sometimes movies are a big letdown and the trailer looks kind of creepy but I doubt they will make the whole movie like that so I might try it. :D
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Post by AmySmiles »

I haven't seen the movie, only read the book. I enjoyed the book, but not enough to want to see a movie about it. I was annoyed by Groundhog day, or Christmas Everyday so I feel like this would just be another one of those.
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Post by Nusrat_Shabnam_ »

Just so excited to see the movie. The book would be confusing in my case. I would love the movie.

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Post by Gigareads »

I'm trying to decide if I should read the book before I watch the movie. I have heard mixed reviews for both. I want to watch the film because I am a big fan of Zoey Deutch and have loved everything I have seen her in.

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Post by sri varshini303041 »

brunettebiblio wrote:
29 Jan 2018, 14:38
Terrible, just terrible. Probably because I read the book first. The characters in the movie were not at all like I pictured them while I was reading. And not sure if it's just because of how it was portrayed, but the movie was BORING. I really enjoyed the book and flew through it, but the movie just dragged on and on and on. Also unfortunate because I love Zoey Deutch and thought she did great in Vampire Academy.
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Post by Salma M »

I watched the movie and found it very interesting, it was definitely my cup of tea.

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Post by dorebri2020 »

I was interested in the movie, and I felt like it did capture the overall feel of the book. However, I was still slightly disappointed by the way the characters were portrayed, and wish that they would have been kept closer to the book descriptions.
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Atharva Joshi
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Post by Atharva Joshi »

I really liked the movie. The directing was nice and certain scenes were played out very well. Also love the actress

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Post by chloelogan3 »

Love the book, Love the movie! Cannot rate this story high enough. Such an interesting topic to think about. What would you do if you had to relive the same day in your life?

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Post by pantsyjean25 »

The movie was terrible compared to the book. I guess if you hadn't read the book it would be ok, but if you have, I don't recommend it. The characters were under-developed, and occasionally the true meaning of the story was lost. I'm one of those people who needs to read a book before watching the movie because, in my experience, the books have always been WAYY better!

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Post by Sheetal_22564 »

Well I'd never read the book but already watched the movie. The movie was seriously great. Way too intriguing! I loved the fact that the main character was played by none other than Zoey Deutch. And she's a great actress! I felt the movie was good even though I don't have any idea about the book.
- Sheetal

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Post by yapashley »

I watched the movie and it made me want to read the book. I really liked the movie and I thought that the book probably explained everything so much better. Hoping to read this one soon!

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