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Re: Bullying

Post by HalcyonFlower » 28 Apr 2016, 20:29

I feel it's a hit and miss with high school. Personally, I went through bullying in elementary so high school was just a time of growth. But some kids got it really bad, especially the ones who didn't dress 'well' or didn't have smooth skin. In my last year, there were friends falling out more than there was bullying but those who didn't fit in with the group anymore would say they were bullied. We didn't have anything incredibly terrible, like suicides because of bullying thank goodness. It's really frightening how quick things get around and harm others nowadays, especially at an age where everyone is super sensitive.
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Post by aparsons » 03 May 2016, 17:44

I teach in an urban first grade classroom, and the bullying is horrific. My kids are super sensitive to anything anyone ever does. I swear I had a kid who complained someone breathed on him. Ugh. Granted, some of the attacks are legitimately cruel and hurtful, but my kids don't even know the difference.
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Post by Sloray689 » 08 Jun 2016, 13:37

I witnessed mor bullying in middle school than high school I would say. No one ever bothered me much, but in middle school you would hear kids making rude comments, specifically to fat, foreign or "weird" kids. By mid-highschool though I feel like a lot of that went away. The older we got, the more everyone started focusing on the future, the world outside of our little school. Suddenly what brand your shoes were or what language you speak at home wasn't as important. every was coexisting, sometimes working together, to pull through the last years of cocoon life and get ready to blossom.

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Post by Toria Mason » 16 Mar 2017, 09:18

Most definitely, unfortunately. I'm not really from a very good area so I'm not certain if I can say "times have changed, people are more cruel now" or just that I wound up in an unfortunate area, or perhaps a bit of both. Whichever it is, there definitely was bullying. I was bullied, others were bullied...frankly I'd say there wasn't much in the way of true kindness, as even within groups of friends there could be found the cruelest actions.
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Post by Dh_ » 24 Mar 2017, 18:50

I never actually saw anybody get bullied in middle or high school. I was never bullied myself, but that was mostly because other kids didn't really notice I was there. There was a bully hotline and I heard stories of people calling it, but I never found out who or what happened. The closest I got to bullying was when a friend of mine said she being made fun of for her weight. It wasn't anything too serious though. I know bullying is a huge problem, but I've never actually seen it happen.
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Post by Christina O Phillips » 04 Apr 2017, 08:39

KAV wrote: Did anyone else really have this much bullying and issues at there high school?

I was bullied in elementary school and junior high and high school.
I think things have changed though as there is more awareness now and people are more willing to talk about the fact that bullying happens and the consequences of it, how people feel because of it.
I never said anything to anyone about what was going on.

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Post by Mailis » 16 Feb 2018, 05:59

We had bullying, but it wasn't labeled as such. There were just nasty kids with bad attitudes who acted out and were disliked. And there were popular kids who thought they were better than others. But there wasn't any talk about bullying or how to act when those situations came up.
If I think back there were few times that could be labeled bullying by todays standards but I think you cannot prevent it 100% anyway. There is always going to be a bad apple somewhere in there.
I was quite oblivious to bullying to be honest, I lived very much in my own head and just didn't understand some of the barbed comments aimed at me at the time. I think I was just lucky like that. I ignored stupid people and had this ironclad view that you had to protect the weak, so I always tried to intervene when someone was bullying anyone I perceived as a victim.

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Post by AmySmiles » 31 Aug 2018, 09:46

There was a lot of bullying at my school. I was one that was bullied. It was a small school so maybe a bigger school has enough kids that groups are formed and they just stick to their own. There were "groups" in my school too, but they still found time to make fun of those that weren't in their group.
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