Heredity angle

Discuss the September 2015 book of the month Defending Jacob by William Landay
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Re: Heredity angle

Post by Jausten11 » 29 Oct 2015, 08:01

As a Biology Teacher by day, I understand how there would be other underlying factors that were genetic, leading one to murder. Though I do agree that it wasn't realistic. Loved the book either way.

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Post by stoppoppingtheP » 01 Nov 2015, 05:28

Yes, I definitely agree that a person cannot have a murder gene.

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Post by Morgan_Malone » 28 Dec 2015, 07:29

While I do believe that people can be genetically predisposed to being violent or having psychopathic traits this does not mean at all that the person has to be a murderer. There are statistically many people who classify as psychopaths who live normal nonviolent, crime free lives. So to me the idea that you can say someone is a murderer because they have this certain gene is ridiculous.
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Post by Sarah_Khan » 20 Jun 2016, 13:23

I don't believe it's 100% crap, I think a lot of who we are comes from our genes and probably more than we would like to admit. But there are also people who have parents that are murderers and they don't turn out to be murderers so I think it's kind of a combination of a lot of things. So genes do play some role.

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