Enemies attached at the hip

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Enemies attached at the hip

Post by Oliviachan » 16 Jun 2015, 20:31

It talks to me in my sleep
It lingers in my thoughts
I try to shake it but it's weaved through my heart and runs deep in my veins
I beg it to leave to victimize someone else
I bribe it and try to fight it off
But it's stuck to me
It has infected my soul
And overcome every action and inner thought
I'm done struggling
I give in
Let it take me

-- 16 Jun 2015, 20:31 --

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Post by Akosua + » 29 May 2018, 11:54

I totally understand and relate to this poem. It's simple yet very communicative and understanding for people struggling like the persona

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Post by palilogy » 10 Jun 2018, 22:46

I would consider condensing the poem.
Removing the unnecessary or cliches.
The last line isn't as strong as the rest and aesthetically the shape would be great smaller.

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