Review: The After Series by Anna Todd

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Review: The After Series by Anna Todd

Post by Hclaxton » 14 Apr 2015, 11:54

I must confess I truly enjoy indulging in a romantic love story, The After series was more than just that. I was completely captivated by the characters Tessa and Hardin. Their story wasn't just about love, but the hardships of family, growing up, and compromise in a relationship.

Tessa is a young innocent girl who goes off to college and becomes roommates with a not so innocent Steph. Steph is a bit on the wild side with friends very opposite of Tessa. Needless to say, Tessa's world turns upside down when she starts her new college life that includes Hardin Scott.

It's not only Tessa's life that changes, But Hardin's as well. Where he shakes her of her innocence, she tames him of his wild. There is absolutely nothing perfect about this "relationship", the two struggle larger battles than anyone I've ever met. When it comes down to it though, all they need is each other.

I highly recommend this series of four books to those like me who enjoy a bit of a scandal and romance. I genuinely could not read these books fast enough, and am sad to see Tessa and Hardin's story end.

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Post by kaitlynf9002 » 23 Aug 2016, 20:28

I absolutely love, love, love this series! Honestly, I think this series is the best one I have read for a LONG time. If you have not read this I suggest you do! I started the whole thing on Wattpad and LOVED it. I am currently rereading the actual printed version right now! GREAT read! I highly am going to suggest this whole entire series to anyone who may like romance and thrillers!

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Post by AnGeLeeKrisTin » 04 Jul 2017, 00:25

Has anyone here read this series? It started as a fanfiction and one of the successful fanfiction there is. And I absolutely love this series. Yeah it has that bad boy-good girl plot but I like how the characters grow together and grow apart in the series.

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Post by Jamesmacharia » 25 Jul 2017, 13:12

I loved the romance in the after series by Anna Todd.I love how the character are put and the roles they play. If you have not read this series make a point of doing it

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Post by AncaPaic » 25 Jul 2017, 16:12

I really like really want to read the book this is what my stile is

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Post by dcabegail30 » 25 Jan 2018, 23:07

this is the first english novel i've read on wattpad and until now it is still my favorite, thinking how anna todd bring out all emotions in me while reading this. she's a gem. i would recommend this to all romance novel reader. you'll gonna love these series.

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Post by Makena Mugendi » 22 Mar 2018, 12:58

I read this book on wattpad when it was still a Harry Styles book. It was by far my favourite book to read on the app.
Then it became a bestseller. Its a lovely book, but Harry just broke my heart sometimes. He was so manipulative and in the first two books, it was as if he had split personalities.
Even when he was doing something good he was still in control of everyone else. But it was what gave the book depth and beauty and originality. It is a great read. Five stars

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Gracey Dedans
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Post by Gracey Dedans » 10 Jul 2018, 17:14

I basically enjoyed "after" the series after I first read it as a fanfiction of one of my favorites harry styles. But then, it's bad boy good girl trait pulled me in to reread it as a hard copy. I must say I enjoyed the characters of Tessa young and Hardin or Harry, and I love how their different traits and personas blended together and bore a beautiful romantic story. I also have to admit I didn't see the part of Stephanie becoming the traitor coming, that part came of as a shock to me.

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Gracey Dedans
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Post by Gracey Dedans » 10 Jul 2018, 17:19

It was a very beautiful book for me cause I read it as a fanfiction of Harry Styles and it brought out so many emotions from me. I gotta applaud Anna Todd for her amazing creativity that saw two people (Tessa and Hardin/Harry) who had very different personalities create a beautiful romantic relationship with alot of ups and downs

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Post by Ananya44 » 11 Dec 2018, 10:37

I just loveddddd thissss... The most amazing book I have ever read.. It is everything... Even though it's not a thriller or murder mystery still it is sooo captivating that one just get obsessed

Hardin Scott is love.. He is handsome and breathtaking but a little messed up .i totally love his jealousy element.. It seemed exciting ..

Tessa is innocent... And the lover whom everyone will dream of... She in every way and in every situation proved her love...

This book made me realize how u can feel all the emotions at once without even expecting

This book is perfect
When it comes to relation it is perfect!
When it comes to love it is perfect!
When it comes to accepting new change it is perfect!!

Perfect as in it's no smooth ride... At that time.. In that situation what u would have felt or what u would have done.. U can like easily relate
It's soo natural that u feel close to those characters
I highly recommend all the books of this series

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Lavanya suri
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Post by Lavanya suri » 06 Jan 2019, 10:16

The 'After' book start with the life of a fresher named Theresa. She is not at all familiar with the college life and when she enters her dorm.... she finds her roommate completely opposite to her and her mothers' opinion of being innocent.

The book deals with the ups and downs of a virgin's life. How she manages to adapt to her new going to be life in the college, and also how she manages her love life with noah and Hardin.

But after meeting with Hardin, her roommates' friend, she immediately falls in love with him. Later she breaks up her two year relationship with noah and tries to form a bond with Hardin. But then she finds out that Hardin is not the guy who dates but believes in one night stand.
Tessa still doesn't give up and after that Hardin too falls in love with her.

Hardin doesn't disclose his relationship with tessa to his friends but saves her from each and every problem in every way possible. He comes to live in an apartment with her. But later tessa breaks up with Hardin because of a bet he made.

This book will surely give you chills as it goes on. I highly recommend this book to those who want to read a book related to the romantic and difficult life of a fresher.

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Post by AnnaKathleen » 14 Jan 2019, 09:32

Romance isn't something I read often, unless it occurs in stories with other themes. I haven't read this series, but it sounds like not-so-guilty "guilty pleasure" I need to pick up as soon as possible! Thank you for the review and the new reading material!
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