Review by Brenda Creech of In It Together: The Beautiful Struggle Uniting Us All

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Brenda Creech
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Review by Brenda Creech of In It Together: The Beautiful Struggle Uniting Us All

Post by Brenda Creech »

[Following is a volunteer review of In It Together: The Beautiful Struggle Uniting Us All by Eckhart Aurelius Hughes (penname of Scott Hughes).]
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"If you went to sleep in your body in your bed and awoke in my body in my bed with my memories, would you notice a difference? Would there even be a difference?" That is the 'opening question' in the book #InItTogether: The Beautiful Struggle Uniting us All by Scott Hughes. The current times we live in reveal unrest and no unity among us. However, Scott points out that there are things we all struggle with that join us whether we want to be bound together or not. We are all inclined to feel empathy for another's pain. He explains that humans might not exist, "...but you, the real you, definitely exists," and that "...the real you is not human." The focus isn't on the physical body but on our spirits and how we have a conscious connection with a similar love for each other.

Scott quotes this 'wise saying:' "You do not have a spirit, you are a spirit. You have a body." In other words, you are not a body with a spirit; you are a spirit with a body. This book has a profound message, and Scott breaks it down piece by piece. For some, it will answer questions you have pondered, while others may be skeptical of what is said. Any way you see it, it is a must-read for those seeking inner peace. When you finish the book, you will decide if you are a body with a spirit or a spirit with a body. Which one will you believe? Will you find your inner peace?

I have never been very philosophical. Philosophy has always confused me. I am not what you call a 'deep thinker.' I found sections of the book exciting and eye-opening and other parts confusing. There were parts that I had never considered that made me stop and think. The part I enjoyed most was when Scott explained our spirit and human bodies. He said the person you see in the mirror is not you; your body is a "meatsuit" you wear. You have to read his theory to form your own opinion. I won't elaborate on it now, mainly because I cannot do it justice. There are eleven powerful suggestions Scott gives the reader on "how to free your spirit and manifest your love." I found these helped refocus my mind.

The book is well written and appears professionally edited. Although there was much I disagreed with based on my beliefs, it did not deter me from enjoying the book. I have to admit some things confused me, and I couldn't grasp some of the ideas about spirituality, but there wasn't anything I could say I disliked about the book.

I found this book enlightening in some ways. I like the detail Scott goes into about each subject he addresses. He took his time to explain his reasoning for each topic, and he made it fun and exciting. I had to go back and read some of the philosophical things he said two or three times, and sometimes I got it while other times I didn't. I enjoyed reading this book and am delighted to give it 4 out of 4 stars. I found no reason to deduct a star just because there were things I didn't understand, or I didn't have the same beliefs.

I recommend this book to those ages sixteen through adulthood who love philosophical readings and want to learn more about spirituality. I don't recommend it to readers under sixteen as they may not understand the deep philosophical meaning of the book.

In It Together: The Beautiful Struggle Uniting Us All
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B. Creech
"Like beauty in the eyes, the divinity of the rose may be in the nose that smells it, and the lover that beholds it." Eckhart Aurelius Hughes
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Kelsey Roy
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Post by Kelsey Roy »

I don’t read many books focused on philosophy either. I enjoy Scott’s premise that humans are souls with physical bodies. Our soul is the most important part of us and it understands and empathizes with other souls. Thank you for your honest review!
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María Andrea Fernández Sepúlveda
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Post by María Andrea Fernández Sepúlveda »

I'm not much into philosophy. I used to be, back when I was in college. I prefer more practical reads now. And I'm not sure empathy is intrinsic to all humans. Most of us, sure. But what about psychopaths and sociopaths? It's interesting to ponder, though. And I appreciate the honesty of your review.
Luchris Curtis
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Post by Luchris Curtis »

I love the concept of this book, and from this review, I can clearly say that all of humanity is connected somehow. I'd love to read this book so as to know more. Thanks for your honest review.
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Laura Ungureanu
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Post by Laura Ungureanu »

This is such a beautiful and unique idea for a book. The world needs more empathy. I would love to read this book. Congrats!
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Bertha Jackson
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Post by Bertha Jackson »

This is one of the most inspirational books I have ever read. Thank you for your review.
Bertha R. Jackson :D
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Post by CharlesC+Esq »

I read Nietzsche's and Pavlov's theories when I was around 14-15 years old, philosophy is my second nature because I think deeply, sometimes those around me tend to say I over-think.
Well it's exercise for my mental faculties to stay in shape and avoid brain fog.
Scott's 'In it together: hasn't come at a better time. We were all left abandoned by many around us for fear of a perceived virus, even the clergy were in front avoiding us at all costs. Abandoned, lonely, depressed, insomnia, eviction, bankruptcy, have your own version what you went through. But at the core of what is called a human being, the longing was to be with somebody to be 'in it together' and not suffer alone.
I marvel that none of what are called animals even noticed there was any pandemic.
Let this philosophy open your inner eye and see yourself whose image yours is.
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Aan Granados
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Post by Aan Granados »

I am not a philosophical person myself. This seems intriguing though. I agree that we are a spirit with a body and not a body with a spirit. It’s great to ponder on some topics though. Thank you for your review!
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Aan Granados
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Post by Aan Granados »

I am not a philosophical person myself. This seems intriguing though. I agree that we are a spirit with a body and not a body with a spirit. It’s great to ponder on some topics though. Thank you for your review!
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Margi zuu202
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Post by Margi zuu202 »

BOTD is so inspiring the author use is own words talking about the power of true love and consciousness he blended the humor making the book so enjoyable to the last cover the part that put a big smile on my face is the way he went a head to answer questions without preaching too much , the reviews here simplifies the book further I will always recommend this book and going to get. Copy too it's worth it 💯✅📚📖🥂
Zainab Wasif
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Post by Zainab Wasif »

I like some philosophical themes specially spirituality. I would be interested in ways to free spirit and manifest love. Thanks for the review!
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Marie Chalupová
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Post by Marie Chalupová »

Seems like the book has some interesting idea but how does it deal with troubles of body that trouble the spirit? Guess I will have to read to know. Thanks for the review.
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Post by tarafarah7 »

Inspiring and thought-provoking, today's BOTD is one that stays with you long after the last page. Best fit for teens through adults, readers will find themselves not only contemplating the ideas, but also wanting to discuss the reasonings presented with others. This definitely sounds like a must-read! Thank you so much for your helpful review! :-)
Roy Nick
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Post by Roy Nick »

I tend to resonate with provocative installments. This book sounds like a wonderful one to ponder over life and its mystery. Great book by Scott! Wonderful review Miss Brenda!
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Hubre De Klerk
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Post by Hubre De Klerk »

Well done on an amazing and informative review giving just enough information into the book to pull my attention to it! This book is definitely thought-provoking and makes you think further than your normal thinking process.
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