Official Review: How My Brain Works

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Official Review: How My Brain Works

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[Following is an official review of "How My Brain Works" by Dr. Barbara Koltuska-Haskin.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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How My Brain Works by Dr. Barbara Koltuska-Haskin is a short book written to explain the use of a clinical practice called neuropsychological evaluation to help people understand their brain's state. The reader would know if their brain is functioning correctly and any lingering effects from brain trauma and injury.

It is not, as it would seem, an explanation of how the brain works.

The book achieves something many medical books lack — explaining medical practices and terms in simple language. It is straightforward and useful to a wide range of readers. The ideal readers include people who are merely curious about the subject, people who are having problems with cognitive functions, or people whose loved ones are experiencing brain problems. Also, physicians, psychiatrists, therapists, community case coordinators, and people who are in some way responsible for the care and treatment of people who are intellectually disabled would find this book helpful.

It is a veritable guide for anyone confused and anxious about a sudden mental deterioration. Not only does it point towards the ways of finding out what is wrong, but it also gives useful and practical advice for handling such situations and solutions to some of the most common ones.

This book clears some doubts surrounding common issues like menopause, memory complaints, and old age. It also manages to provide hope for people experiencing such problems, assuring them that these things can be managed, if not treated.

There are many references for verification and further study, which give the book a touch of authenticity. The reader's mind is put even further at ease with the relatable experiences and stories.

Through this book, the author shows that there need not be so much confusion and uncertainty surrounding brain problems. She believes these issues can be understood through tests carried out by a skilled clinician and can be adequately managed by cooperating with the primary care physician, family members, workplace, and other people involved to make things as easy as possible.

For people who have not been diagnosed with any brain problems, but who wish to preserve their brain functions for as long as possible, the book's second part provides tips and advice to maintain a healthy brain. Most of the solutions are cost-effective and do not take much time. It also guarantees happier lives, being beneficial not only for the brain but also for the entire body. The author's thoughtfulness in writing an all-inclusive book is what I like most about this book — there's something for everyone.

The book was professionally edited; I found only a few errors in it. I give it four out of four stars as there was nothing to dislike about this timely and exceptionally written book. Everyone needs to read a book like this; it offers great lessons.

How My Brain Works
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Post by Rodel Barnachea »

The title of the book can be a little misleading... However, it seems that its concise but extremely helpful structure made up for its inaccurate title.
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Post by Eutoc »

I never knew menopause had an effect on brain functionality. It's apparent there are a lot more I could learn from this book. Thanks.
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Post by Ada Ling »

"It is not, as it would seem, an explanation of how the brain works." - Good to know this is a simple book. Thank you for the introduction.
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Post by Joan642 »

I really like the fact that the author was able to explain medical terms and practices in simple terms. This book is a very educative one. Thanks for review.
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Post by Stephanie Elizabeth »

This sounds quite informative. I especially like how the author provides some useful information regarding how to keep one's brain thriving and healthy. Thanks for the engaging review.
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Post by Domingo20 »

I really like the fact that the author was able to explain medical terms and practices in simple terms. This book is a very educative one. Thanks for review.
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Post by Raulc345 »

Well for me personally i would definitely read it seeing as it peeks one of my many interests in how the brain works. And well what is better than studies and research done to prove it.
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Post by Cate+01 »

Good and informative book. Helps to analyse and understand the working of brain . . I believe reading this book once would really help you
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Post by derialist »

It's important to find ways of keeping one's brain healthy, especially as one advances in age. This helps to reduce cognitive illnesses like dementia. I'm glad that this book exists to help reader's learn more about their brains and how they can keep it healthy and sharp. Wonderful review!
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Post by SweetSourSalty AndSpicy »

It is great that the book caters to a broader audience. Thank you so much for the review.
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Post by Bookworm101520 »

This book sounds fascinating! I wonder if the title is more to catch your attention than to describe the book in this case. Thanks for a great review!
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Post by Nedbrian »

People who wish to better understand neurological issues would find this book worth reading.
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Post by Leen282 »

Definitely a surprise to learn that the book is not about how a brain works. When continuing to read the review, it becomes clear what the book is about - and I mostly like the part with tips on how to keep your brain healthy.
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Post by Gemjay »

Wow I enjoy reading medical books to satisfy my curiosity and also the fact that I am a medical student makes this book seem more interesting. The brain is a fascinating organ! This is definitely a book I'd read.
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