Coffee or Tea?

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Re: Coffee or Tea?

Post by Khrysalis » 09 Jan 2019, 17:28

Coffee to stimulate, tea to relax.

I grind my coffee beans (favor Peats) most of the time, and I like Dutch butter cookie-flavored creamer in it. Peppermint creamer during the holiday season, sometimes. I only drink coffee in the early mornings, though. When I carve out some time to write in the afternoon or evening, I use music to stimulate my mental juices. I like listening to video game soundtracks, especially old favorite RPGs that stir memories. Like Chrono Trigger or Legend of Mana.

I drink green tea or chamomile tea in the evenings. Straight, nothing in it. I like the natural flavor of the tea.
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Post by elissasmart » 14 Jan 2019, 06:11

My favorite neuro-stimulant is an apple. Before I sit to write, I eat a big fresh apple and walk around my house. Coffee and tea just prevent me to concentrate.

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