Classic Literature in Modern Times?

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Classic Literature in Modern Times?

Post by slj3988 »

I'm working on a novella set around either 1800s London or earlier. Possibly Renaissance Italy. Using classics such as Dickens, Stoker, Conan Doyle, Stephenson and Wilde for inspiration, I am wondering what the best way to form the language is. To make it feel authentic, I want to write the story as if it came from that period.

My question is, would such language or structure by accepted by publishers today? Although, it should appeal to modern readers, I don't want it to read in modern language. I want it to feel like something unearthed that could've been published back then. For certain words and terms of phrase to be understood, they might need altering. But there's also the tone of the era. It wouldn't be authentic if I were to censor terminology suited to the time. For instance, Bram Stoker's Dracula has Jonathan Harker refer to folks beneath his station as "peasants." This is something that wouldn't pass today.

Although, it is going to be in 3rd person and less subjective, is there a middle-ground or is it best to avoid writing in that style altogether?

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