Do ya think this is kinda gnarly? Or uplifting?

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Do ya think this is kinda gnarly? Or uplifting?

Post by lightdistiller »

Ain't Signin' Over

I ain't signin' over my countenance
especially since of The Lord emanates my joy
Though the shelves've become barren
I'll reach with my last smidgen of strength
for The One on high
Light envelopes me even in dark recesses
only He can see though I may appear
trudging through the abyss as a mere
whistling boy
Reduced to slim pickin's is sustenance
But I've magnified The Source of my bounty
in a dry dull land The Word whettens
and keeps me spry
I ain't signin' over my shield
above all my sisera though the war crys
echo muffled
as I lay sprawled on the battle field
Even when they hang my sword on a wall
It's double edges ensue to slay the enemies
and The Blacksmith's furnace continue
to burn off the putrid dross
They cry and yearn divulge upon us
beauty please!
I point from a premium vantage the fixed gulf 'tween to an emerald cloud
'round about The Throne
And the multi layered jeweled foundation
tierjas of The Temple
And like the simple instruction
of Graham resounds bouncing off the walls
in the stretched hallway of time-
to enter in through The Cross.

3-26-2020 Duncan R.M. Ferguson

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Post by HSwilliams123 »

This poem speaks to me on a different level, it is very uplifting!

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