Official Review: East Wind, 2nd edition by Jack Winnick

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Re: Official Review: East Wind, 2nd edition by Jack Winnick

Post by nfdoughe » 23 Dec 2019, 20:06

I think I have seen all the other books in this series as book of the day before, so the story here sounds familiar. If I ever want to read a thriller series I will pick this up. Usually, though, I'm not a big fan of reading about terrorism and government plots and all that unless there's a fantasy element.
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Post by jeminah28 » 23 Dec 2019, 20:17

I love to read spy thriller, attacks and war, which makes this book fitted to me. I really wonder about attacks, terrorist plot and the leadership of both the opponent and the defense. Thanks for the review.
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Post by TheChii » 23 Dec 2019, 20:50

This isn't usually the kind of book I'd read but it seems like it could be a very interesting read. I only read the sample and from what I read, it's descriptive, and doesn't shy away from the hard truth of such a delicate subject. It's definitely a thriller!

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Post by ParadoxicalWoman » 23 Dec 2019, 23:04

I thought this would be the same old spy thrillers but I'm glad to know there's a twist and knowing there are switching narration perspectives in this novel. Certainly would love to read this one.
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Post by mouton546 » 23 Dec 2019, 23:25

The book was a bit boring (it might be because this is not my genre? Not sure) There’s a lot of different perspectives—4.

I think it was cool how there’s real life events in history mentioned because it makes this book seem like it could be real.

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Post by jerrypru » 23 Dec 2019, 23:25

I'm a fan of thriller and I honestly want to find out whether Walid decided to change his beliefs.

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Post by biblichore_pages » 23 Dec 2019, 23:49

I have read many spy books but this one sounds a bit different. I would like to read it. Nice review.

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Post by Wyland » 24 Dec 2019, 00:02

It's sad to read on how religious leaders such as Sheikh Nasrallah brainwash underage children into committing acts of terrorism in the name of religion. Thanks for the insights.

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Post by knieman1 » 24 Dec 2019, 00:13

Spy books/series aren't usually my forte, but the summary for this book sounds like it could be interesting. And if the other books in the series turn out to be as good as the reviews for this one point to, it might be worth it to look into getting this series.

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Post by Nizar Ali Shah » 24 Dec 2019, 00:41

An action thriller with Israel and American espionage agents acting to stop a Hazbullah plot to destroy USA AND Israel.

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Post by LauraLeeWasHere » 24 Dec 2019, 00:53

What an easy-going review. And I mean that in a good way. I felt as if we were visiting in your living room (or mine) and you were telling me about a really good book you read. I also enjoy it when the reviewer isn't just all clinical analysis but also expresses their "likes". And the things they appreciated about the book and it's writer.

I've been following the middle-east situation for maybe 40 years and it can be so discouraging that I usually don't seek out the topic for enjoyment or entertainment purposes. But I'm feeling that after reading the sample from the book and your review, I would be a "few fries short of a happy meal" to ignore it.

So thank you for your wonderful review, your recommendation and the heads up about the coming sequel. An all around great review and I appreciate the time, thought, wisdom and effort it took in doing this review. And for doing it so well.

Sincerely, Laura-Lee :handgestures-salute: :occasion-snowman:
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Post by Samwelmutoria99 » 24 Dec 2019, 03:44

I greatly appreciate this review as it shows on the strides taken in an effort to combat terrorism. The two agencies that is FBI and Mosad jointly combine and work towards achieving a common goal. The relation about the East wind bringing famine and death, while in the story it brings life and death situations. This is changing the novel's perspective to a higher score. It is a great review.

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Post by David+Hubbell » 24 Dec 2019, 07:42

Thank you for an excellent review. Although I'm not a fan of middle eastern drama, this novel sounds like a outstanding read.

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Post by mcdonaldchola » 24 Dec 2019, 10:00

When reading the review I had no doubt that I would enjoy reading such a book. I was happy to note that this book is not as predictable as most typical spy novels. Thanks for the excellent review.

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Post by 10mile72 » 16 Jan 2020, 10:34

Jack Winnick’s books are awesome. I love the chemistry between Uri and Lara, as well as the sophisticated geopolitical outlook. Can’t wait to read it. Thanks for the review, cristinaro. :techie-studyingbrown:

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