Official Review: LoveYoga by Randalle Love

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Official Review: LoveYoga by Randalle Love

Post by MarisaRose »

[Following is an official review of "LoveYoga" by Randalle Love.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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LoveYoga by Randalle Love is a collection of black and white photographs and inspirational quotes. Each photograph in the collection is a full page and paired with an inspirational quote on the accompanying page. One female model is used throughout the book, and each portrait captures her in a different yoga pose. The model is nude throughout the collection; however, the images are tasteful, and no intimate portions of the body are exposed.

The photographs in this collection are striking, and each has been thoughtfully placed with a short quote. Although the same model is used throughout the collection, I found each portrait and unique yoga pose as interesting as the next. The photographer, Jessica Holt, shows real skill; the play with light in each photo really brings the model to life and makes each pose appear fluid. Further, there is almost a glow surrounding the model in each image, making the photographs all the more intriguing. Lastly, I appreciated the use of varying angles. Though most of the images are captured head on, there are a few that are taken from varying angles, adding dimension to the collection. This is a book I would love to see in print; it would make a great conversation piece.

The quotes interspersed between photographs are equally as thought provoking as the images they accompany. It is clear that the author carefully chose which quote to place with each image. Moreover, each quote is written in black font on a white page; the juxtaposition between the black background of the portraits and the stark white of each quote page was visually stimulating. Although this collection appears to be a relatively simple concept, it is clear a lot of effort went into every detail. Eleanor Roosevelt, Buddha, George Eliot, Coco Chanel and George Bernard Shaw are just some of the prolific figures whose words act as inspirational quotes in this collection.

I enjoyed almost every aspect of this book; however, I had hoped the author would include the names of the various yoga poses captured in each portrait. There are a total of 36 photos in the collection, and in each one, the model is striking a different pose. As someone who has only mildly dabbled in yoga, there were multiple poses I was unfamiliar with and curious about. Unfortunately, it took some time to figure out what those poses were called via online web searches.

This was an enjoyable book to flip through. Although it doesn’t contain many words, I found myself lingering on each page for some time, trying to soak in the images and corresponding inspirational quotes. Yoga is certainly one focus of this book; however, I think readers who enjoy art, photography and any who are looking for inspiration will find this book just as enjoyable as any yoga enthusiast would. Despite my minor reservation about the lack of names for the yoga poses portrayed, I thoroughly enjoyed thumbing through this collection. I happily rate LoveYoga 4 out of 4 stars.

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fawaz ibrahim
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Post by fawaz ibrahim »

great book

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Randalle Love
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Post by Randalle Love »

Thank you for the amazing review! I love how you noticed all the little details, such as how I took my time to pair the poses and quotes together in the best possible way. I appreciate your honesty and time!

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Post by kislany »

What an interesting review. I'm not sure I could have pulled it off, tbh.

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Keith Phillips
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Post by Keith Phillips »

Awesome book!

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Post by kandscreeley »

This sounds really interesting. I love that there is a picture along with a quote. Thanks for the review.
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Mercy Bolo
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Post by Mercy Bolo »

Such a unique take on photography. This is one book I must check out.
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Ubheeram Nina
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Post by Ubheeram Nina »

I actually practice yoga. I already learnt it physically and will appreciate it more in read now. I would like to thank the author Randalle Love for giving us this book.

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Post by VanessaAisel »

I love photography, I know nothing of yoga! This seems like a beautiful mix of both worlds! Thanks for your review!
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Kat Berg
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Post by Kat Berg »

kislany wrote:What an interesting review. I'm not sure I could have pulled it off, tbh.
I feel the same way as Kislany. I am not sure I could have pulled this off, although the book sounds beautiful, and if the cover is any indication, the quality is wonderful.

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Mtsweni Nelsy
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Post by Mtsweni Nelsy »

I am not a yoga-person, but would love to try it some time. I am sure I would find the pictures handy when I try it. Thanks for such a great review!
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Post by insights »

I love photography. I am also amazed by the power of yoga. This book will surely interest me. Thanks for the detailed review.

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Post by gwaps »


-- 15 Nov 2017, 00:32 --

I like it

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Gunnar Ohberg
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Post by Gunnar Ohberg »

I saw a copy of this once on a friend's coffee table, and admittedly I was afraid to look into it (lest I be judged). This review assuaged my curiosity. Thank you!

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Kalin Adi
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Post by Kalin Adi »

I thought this book was going to be an introduction to yoga like its history, benefits, names of poses and things like that. It's quite different of what I thought, but very refreshing. I think it could be used to practice yoga every day with a quote in mind. Thanks for the review! Namaste!

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