What Would You Miss?

Discuss the March 2017 Book of the Month, Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel.
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What Would You Miss?

Post by Gravy » 01 Mar 2017, 15:10

This question appears in the inside front cover, and it followed me through the book. With every turn of the page it was in my head.

So what would you miss?
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Post by JessieMarie84 » 06 Mar 2017, 14:13

I would miss my kids, my family, and my friends. Basically, I would miss everything life has to offer. I don't come from money, so I wouldn't miss that, but I would miss the things I do with my family and friends. The time we spend together and just be.

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Post by Shelle » 10 Mar 2017, 11:37

First and foremost, it would be the people. Without the people I love I might be too paralyzed to even think about anything else. Life does go on though and I think I would miss structure. Meaning I would miss the rules (spoken and unspoken) we all follow. I would miss the order of an organized civilization. I would miss knowing where I fit in the world and what my role is. Oh and of course modern conveniences. I would definitely miss indoor plumbing, the internet, electricity, and modern transportation.
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Post by Jmae Delfin » 10 Mar 2017, 11:46

I miss the old me the time memories where it cannot be bring back. But life always gives us such a wonderful lesson. We just need to value and understand every situation

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Yaseen j
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Post by Yaseen j » 10 Mar 2017, 13:16

Sometimes you miss your family sometimes you miss ordinary things like a phone a bed a pillow it depends

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Post by sshanmo » 10 Mar 2017, 13:24

I would miss my kids, family, and friends. I would also miss life and all that it has to offer, good or bad. Everything I have experienced in my life has made me the person I am today so I treat them as lessons learned. I would miss my opportunities to continue growing.

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Post by Jennifer Allsbrook » 11 Mar 2017, 15:06

I think I would miss showers the most. Modern conveniences of electricity, cell phones, and of course the internet would be hard to adjust to also. Medical care, medicines, and other such products would be difficult to be without.

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Post by meagahagan71 » 11 Mar 2017, 18:48

I think the things I would miss the most is my family and friends. A close second would be modern technology like plumbing and electric and I guess the phone to stay in touch. Never really been from money so I wouldn't care if I didn't have that.

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Post by abhishek7081 » 13 Mar 2017, 03:22

i'd miss my childhood days , back then i was a bird which didn't cared and flew across the mountains and the rivers without caring about the vultures, the eagles .... :) i 'd surely miss those days..

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Post by Scerakor » 14 Mar 2017, 10:46

Most of the answers here have been that they would miss the people and their families. I understand what they are saying, and perhaps it is a valid response (assuming they did not survive the plague with you). That being said, the question inside the front cover, in my opinion, is directly related to the collapse of technology as we know it. The oldest remaining survivors will be the only ones who still know what the purpose of that now shiny brick with the word "iPhone" on it actually is. The characters are marvelled by the idea of technology, computer screens, and even trying to understand what the concept of the internet is. I think my answer here is impossible to say, because, we really don't know what we have until it is gone. The thing that you tend to miss the most is something that has become second nature to you already and that you don't think about.

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Post by gali » 15 Mar 2017, 23:56

Jennifer Allsbrook wrote:I think I would miss showers the most. Modern conveniences of electricity, cell phones, and of course the internet would be hard to adjust to also. Medical care, medicines, and other such products would be difficult to be without.
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Post by Aimy » 17 Mar 2017, 07:24

Gravy wrote:This question appears in the inside front cover, and it followed me through the book. With every turn of the page it was in my head.

So what would you miss?
I'll miss every good thing, every good person and every good experience.(Thinking of such things makes me feel sad :( )

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Post by Jax14 » 17 Mar 2017, 08:10

I reckon being able to pick up a phone or laptop and being able to communicate with someone wherever in the world they may be. It's amazing how much technology we rely on in our day to day lives...

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Post by CarrieMe » 18 Mar 2017, 01:42

I would miss the convenience of our world. That's kind of cheating because it's not one specific thing, but I think it's also something I majorly take for granted.

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Post by The Researcher » 20 Mar 2017, 04:16

I will miss everything and everyone. Every one from the least acquainted to the most loved. Everything from the most bizarre to most significant. It is what around us is, makes what we are.
What is the most special thing I did today- I was MYSELF. Happy and in love and unapologetically myself.

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