Do You Believe in Aliens?

Discuss the January 2017 Book of the Month, We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson.
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Re: Do You Believe in Aliens?

Post by KasieMiehlke »

I believe that there is life on other planets. Every day there is a new discovery and it is only a matter of time until aliens are discovered.

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Post by konnapap »

I'm positive that there is life on some other planet. They might not look like human, they might not be how we've imagined them to be, but I'm sure that they exist. The universe is so big that there will definitely be another planet with the right circumstances, like Earth, that can host life.
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Post by srpawan7 »

Yes I believe in Aliens that is why the hole universe is infinite I am not sure but another earth type of planate is also available for the life so that I believe in Aliense

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kashif faridi
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Post by kashif faridi »

What are aliens? Any form of intelligent life from outer space contacting or visiting earth and its people? Well its just like that we ask, "What is matter, Never mind. What is mind, No matter." Its just between the being and not being. To be or not to be. May be it could turn out to be true in times to come, before the doomsday, but I would not be there to know, so what is not found out so far, we could put on back burner.

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Post by StvMuturi »

Its hard not to believe. With all the planets and solar systems that modern astronomy is finding on a daily basis, the chances that there is other life out there increase exponentially. But is this life necessarily biological and carbon-based as we are? Silicon-based life has been speculated on...
I recommend watching Dr. Carl Sagan's series "Cosmos"which raises some interesting questions. I wish they would do an updated version!
On the other hand, if you were an advanced alien species and discovered and studied humanity, would you want to contact and have relations with such a destructive species? I wouldn't!!!
There is no planet B! - Source Unknown

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Post by Moniquejm »

I do not believe in aliens. However, that does not mean that I'm closing my mind on any possibility of their "existence". The fact that NASA discovered 7 other earth-like planets might be a hint that there are other extra-terrestrial beings out there.
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Post by dhomespot »

I do believe in aliens/other lifeforms because in my opinion, what makes us so special that we would be the only planet to have life? I know there is a lot of debate about it, but that is what makes life so interesting.
"Maybe ever’body in the whole damn world is scared of each other."- John Steinbeck

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Khalid Parweez
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Post by Khalid Parweez »

Yes I do believe in Aliens. We are not alone. The universe is very large.

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Post by Masinde »

Based on my close follow up about the research by the universe explorers, I do believe that there are other lifeforms in other parts of the universe.I tie myself on the recent research by NASA.

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Post by ananya92 »

Yes, with the emerging scientific discoveries regarding exoplanets, there is a good possibility that life exists on other planets. However, considering the mess we've made of our Earth, I'd be more worried about how we would affect any such planet, than how they could affect us. :?

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Post by michelonline29 »

I think there are extraterrestrial beings out there. The universe is a vast place and the possibility of other life forms on other planets is not far fetched. However, I do not think that such aliens have affected us directly.

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Post by hailvilla18 »

Yes, I think aliens exist. Although the UFO sightings we've seen in the news are mostly hoax, there should be some truth in it. Furthermore, the universe is massive. The possibility of other life forms in other planets is endless.
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Post by jwheeler28 »

This is a very good question. I have always wondered if there was any life forms aside from us humans out there. Do I believe in them? Well to answer that I don't know if I would say yes to this. I say this because without knowing full on what really is beyond our planet aside from what we learn throughout our school lives, I cant say whether or not I do believe. I am one of those types of people who tend to need to see it before I can believe it. I want to believe that there might be, but without solid facts to back it up it is hard to say. On the other hand, without going into religious aspects of things to much, if God didn't create the world like the bible teaches, than how did Earth become discovered? Suffice it say if a person doesn't believe that is how the world is created, than maybe Earth was discovered by other lifeforms that evolved into humans. Or on that same not, maybe we didn't start on Earth, maybe we started on another planet and decided to make this our home instead. There is no way to know unless we were there, or aliens decide to come into this world. I do know that most books that are out there have started on some basis of fact, so whose to say that wasn't the case in the form of how aliens became to be apart of reading history.

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Jessica Samuelsen
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Post by Jessica Samuelsen »

I don't believe in aliens persay. I do believe there are other beings out in the universe that are beyond our realms of understanding and perception.
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Post by Scerakor »

I am a scientist. You will probably think that this means I will default to the "No" side of the spectrum, but alas, I default to the excellent work done by Dr. Frank Drake. The Drake equation is a probabilistic argument used to arrive at an estimate of the number of active, communicative extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy. The number of such civilizations, N, is assumed to be equal to the mathematical product of:
  • (i) the average rate of star formation, R*, in our galaxy,
    (ii) the fraction of formed stars, fp, that have planets,
    (iii) the average number of planets per star, ne, that can potentially support life,
    (iv) the fraction of those planets, fl, that actually develop life,
    (v) the fraction of planets bearing life on which intelligent, civilized life, fi, has developed,
    (vi) the fraction of these civilizations that have developed communications, fc, i.e., technologies that release detectable signs into space, and
    (vii) the length of time, L, over which such civilizations release detectable signals, for a combined expression of:
N = R ∗ ⋅ f p ⋅ n e ⋅ f ℓ ⋅ f i ⋅ f c ⋅ L

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