Official Review: The Mindfulness Approach by Dean Nelson

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Official Review: The Mindfulness Approach by Dean Nelson

Post by L_Therese »

[Following is an official review of "The Mindfulness Approach" by Dean Nelson.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Most people deal with stress on a daily basis and need to explore effective strategies for managing it. For some people, stress can have the physiological effect of exacerbating a medical condition, making it a more disruptive factor that more urgently requires relief. For Dean Nelson, a chronic gastrointestinal condition was both a cause of and affected by the stress in his life. After years of medical interventions, he discovered a new approach: meditation. In his book The Mindfulness Approach, Nelson tells his story and introduces the reader to an alternative methodology for dealing with daily stresses.

As I read this book, I was astonished by how honest the author was willing to be about his situation. He makes himself vulnerable as he exposes his medical condition and the way it has affected his life. He is brutally honest about some of the physical complications he experienced and the fears that clouded the way he envisioned his future. The author’s willingness to be so open about his experiences enriches the book by helping the reader comprehend the impact of this approach in his life and, by extension, the potential impact for the reader’s life.

The author also created an immensely practical book. There are a number of specific exercises that exemplify the techniques and strategies under discussion. For example, the author names and explains seven specific breathing exercises as well as instructions for some meditation techniques. The specificity may sound like it would become dry or overwhelming, but the text avoids this pitfall, remaining brief and concise. The author identifies techniques like the Silva Method, which worked particularly well for him, as well as other techniques that have experienced a lot of rising popularity, such as Mindfulness meditation.

As I read through this book, the sixth chapter seemed out of joint with the spirit of the rest of the book. Chapter 6 is entirely devoted to introducing another writer/scholar who was a major influence on the author. While a few paragraphs about a person who pioneered the field or became very influential in the application of these strategies would be appropriate, the extent of this introduction makes the chapter sound like a commercial. I felt that it went much too long.

Near the end of the book (page 153 in my copy), Nelson makes a very poignant statement. He writes, “Computers can run 24 hours a day, but they also must be re-booted occasionally to retrieve updates and to clear out unnecessary data or else their processing will slow down or become locked.” In The Mindfulness Approach, Dean Nelson offers techniques and evidence (both anecdotal and factual) supporting breathing and meditation as a way for people to find time to re-boot and de-stress. From his own story to the lengthy reference list at the end, Nelson’s book is full of worthwhile information and practical ideas for people everywhere. Despite a flaw or two, I think the book still merits a full 4 out of 4 stars. It’s relevant, concise, and very personal all at the same time.

The Mindfulness Approach
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Post by kimmyschemy06 »

Sounds like one great book. It seems interesting, informative and very helpful. Considering that everybody is under a lot of stress, this book, apparently, can be read by anybody. Great job on the review. Congratulations to Dean Nelson on such a great book.
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Casper Reaves
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Post by Casper Reaves »

I am looking forward to the practical exercises in this book. Can anyone suggest any good ones?
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Post by gali »

Seems like an inspiring and practical book for those looking for ways to overcome daily stresses. Too bad that one of the chapters was out of joint with the rest the book. Thank you for the review!
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Post by Heidi M Simone »

Great review! I love when authors bring their personal experiences in their writing. It brings the writing to life. This seems like a perfect blend of sharing about his medical condition and inspiring others on how to deal with stress. Congratulations to the author for receiving such a positive review!
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Post by kandscreeley »

This sounds like a very helpful book. It's especially helpful in our stress filled world right now. Thanks for the review.
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Post by AA1495 »

This sounds like a much needed book for people dealing with a lot of stress. Thank You for the honest and well written review.
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Post by mindyg123 »

Great review. Thanks to the author for being brutally honest and letting us into his life with the hope his solution and honesty will help others. Congrats on being BOTD and thanks for making it free.
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Post by Kerwin »

We all have stresses and finding ways to deal with them could benefit us all. It sounds like you found some helpful tips, I hope I do too!
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Post by micoleon13 »

This sounds like a great read. I suffer a lot from stress myself and struggle to find ways to deal with it. This will definitely be something I'll be reading. Great review!
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Post by Strangerthanfiction »

Great review! This sounds like a really interesting and helpful read. The amount of stress that we all have in our daily lives does at times seem to be very overwhelming. I'm looking forward to reading this book.
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Post by skalicia »

I am currently under a significant amount of stress. I think need to read this book ASAP to get techniques to help me cope with it. Thanks for the great review.
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Post by MarisaRose »

This one looks like it has a lot of potential to help a wide variety of people. Though this is not usually the type of book I like to read, I will at least give it a try.
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James Craft
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Post by James Craft »

Great looking cover and definitely one I'm looking forward to checking out! Getting rid of stress is great!
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Post by Margzipan »

This is typically not a type of book I would choose to read, so I really appreciated your concise review. It doesn't sound "out there" or too vague to actually be helpful; it sounds practical, honest, and straightforward.

Thank you for piquing my interest!
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