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What about going mobile-friendly?

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What about going mobile-friendly?

Post Number:#1 by george_bass
» 07 Sep 2016, 15:04

Hi there,

I take the train on a regular basis, and you know what? I really enjoy browsing the Web from my mobile device. :techie-studyingbrown:

What a pity that this web site won't display very well on such devices. :(

Are you currently considering any mobile-friendly update? :D

Regards, :tiphat:
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Re: What about going mobile-friendly?

Post Number:#2 by SandraTWP-BRW
» 07 Sep 2016, 16:00

Going mobile would be awesome.
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Re: What about going mobile-friendly?

Post Number:#3 by Gravy
» 07 Sep 2016, 20:18

I believe there is an app being worked on :tiphat:
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Re: What about going mobile-friendly?

Post Number:#4 by alwaysdaddygirl
» 10 Sep 2016, 22:31

It depends on which device you have. Apple phone works. Cut and paste work but too many steps to complete.
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Re: What about going mobile-friendly?

Post Number:#5 by Scott
» 18 Mar 2017, 13:37

I have created a Kickstarter campaign to make an mobile app.

You will not be charged unless we reach our goal.

The great thing about Kickstarter is it costs you absolutely nothing to pledge. The project only gets funded if it reaches its goal. So enough other people also have to think the project is a good idea for your pledge to come into play. This protects you from donating to a failing cause.

So please go to the Kickstarter and pledge now.

Thank you!
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