If you ever published a novel, who would you dedicate it to?

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Re: If you ever published a novel, who would you dedicate it

Post by MyBrokeCollegeLife » 22 Jan 2016, 00:15

I would dedicate it first to my parents and second to my 9th grade literacy teacher, as she was the first non relative to tell me that I had something to say in this world, and it was worth sharing. However, I wouldn't worry to much about whether you feel your dedication is cheesy or trying to hard to make it unique. The dedication is your only chance to share your appreciation for those that helped you get where you are today, and it should strictly be based on who you want to recognize. The dedication isn't your selling point, it's your chance to give back to the people who seen you at your breaking point and told you to continue writing anyway, that listened to you rant about your story over and over no matter how many times they have heard you tell that exact same scene, or showed you that you had the power to make a difference with your writing when you stopped believing that it would ever be enough.

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Post by readinreed » 17 Apr 2016, 17:01

I would dedicate my novel to three people, my grandmother who is the original writer in the family and my writing inspiration, my mother who instilled in me my love of books, and my husband who encouraged me to put all my stories down on paper.
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Post by moderntimes » 18 Apr 2016, 11:42

My new mystery novel was just released, and I received the complimentary copies from my publisher last week. It's such a treat to hold your book in your hands. My dedication?

I spoke about the friends who proffered good suggestions to me about specific things in my novel, then about the mystery writers whom I admire, and closed with thanks to the lovely lady in my life.
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Post by Loverockers » 07 May 2016, 17:02

To my past, for making me who I am today.
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Post by Jolyon Trevelyan » 07 May 2016, 18:11

To the Squirrel that lives in the three in my garden.
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Post by njzeba » 08 May 2016, 16:18

I mean the books I have in mind are actually meant for people who go through or have gone through the struggles and adversities I want to write about. So, I would say I would dedicate those books to the people who have experienced those adversities.

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Renee Bella
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Post by Renee Bella » 20 May 2016, 01:32

With the novel I'm planning to write, I would dedicate it to my parents. The subject matter indirectly relates to how they helped me as a child so it would only be fair. Also, as it would be my debut, I think they'd be offended if I didn't :lol:.
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Post by fabulasaule » 25 May 2016, 06:10

I would dedicate it to those who do nor read :) but only in that case if the book was humorous. Otherwise I would dedicate it to someone dear.

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Post by P_hernandez » 25 May 2016, 09:45

It seems logical and honorable to dedicate the book to people who have inspired me to actually achieve the success and freedom of having a published work. But I know for a fact my family wouldn't understand my story and they'd get offended at the subject matter. So I'd probably just dedicate it to myself lol. Like the saddest, drinking alone on a Saturday night kind of dedication to me. It would seem weird at first, but someone recently told me that in order to succeed, one must be a tad narcissistic lol. (I would probably never actually dedicate it to myself, though.)
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Post by MystiB84 » 25 May 2016, 12:39

I have always been fascinated where authors and writers get their inspiration. I, too like to read the dedication page of a new book to find out where that came from. For me, it would really depend on what I was writing about. In high school, I wrote hundreds of poems and I would have to dedicate those to my ex boyfriends, who were the inspiration behind all my fears, tears, and heartaches I thought I'd never get over. Had I written anything happy and joyful, it would have to go to my grandfather. He was always there for me and I miss him every day even though it has been 22 years since his passing.

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Post by Ryan » 25 May 2016, 16:49

Myself, of course :roll:
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Post by batkinson6490 » 25 May 2016, 16:58

I would definitely dedicate mine to my mom. She has always been my number one supporter. Through everything in life. She was there when I miscarried, when I finally was able to have a baby, when I graduated high school, graduated college. She is ALWAYS 100% there for me. She deserves the dedication :D
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Post by JudyM5 » 29 May 2016, 09:01

My husband, who has always been supportive when the rejection slips have landed on the doormat. Now I am going to be published he is upbeat when I'm having doubts. He is also handy with a corkscrew when wine o'clock comes round.

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Joy V Smith
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Post by Joy V Smith » 20 Aug 2016, 13:25

I've dedicated my books to my parents, sisters, friends who helped me with my writing, my editors, and members of a forum who helped me with my research for my post-apocalyptic novel.

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Post by Rebeccaej » 05 Sep 2016, 12:29

First, my wife, because she's been incredibly supportive and basically gave me permission to treat writing seriously. I probably wouldn't have started pursuing writing in the way I have if I hadn't had her in my life saying, "You should go write. It's good for you."

After that, anybody who contributed materially the book, in terms of research, editing, beta-reading, and letting me bounce ideas off of them.
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