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Official Review: Veritas: The GenEx Saga (Book 3)

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Official Review: Veritas: The GenEx Saga (Book 3)

Post Number:#1 by quiltingrose
» 15 Apr 2016, 14:53

[Following is the official review of "Veritas: The GenEx Saga (Book 3)" by Holly Lauren.]

Book Cover
4 out of 4 stars
Review by quiltingrose
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Veritas: The GenEx Saga (Book 3) by Holly Lauren

Veritas is the third book in the GenEx Saga written by Holly Lauren. The focus of the book is on a group of young adults who have genetic exceptions or gifts. They are known as GenEx. There are many other people in society like them, young and old. Some of the gifts GenEx possesses include the ability to freeze time, erase memories, and use visions. The team's mission is to work together as an undercover, investigative, and reactionary team for a greater purpose of seeking to provide protection and help for all GenExer's in society. The path that they have chosen is dangerous and no one can be trusted.

Chapel, a team member, has a friend who has gone rogue. She and Timmy have been best friends since high school. Timmy has been acting strange and avoiding her. Timmy becomes the team's next assignment because someone may be following him. As the team begins investigating Timmy, the plot of intrigue widens and leads the team on several dangerous undercover operations in order to find the truth and the evildoer. Marielle, Zay, Chapel, Rush, and Gabe work against the clock to stop the evildoer, but there is one huge problem. The identity of the evildoer is unknown.

Veritas is packed with action. The team and their mentors have history, good and bad, which they use to become cohesive and focused on the main task of discovering the evildoer's final intent and identity. The team's camaraderie and realness is engaging. And yes, there is some romance woven in with this novel of intrigue. I found myself reading this book at every opportunity so that I could also complete the mission along with the team. The characters were well thought out and interesting.

Although the book was a great read, I felt that the experience would have been even richer had I begun with the first book in the GenEx Saga, Tempus. The team of GenExers has previous history together, which was referenced in Veritas. I can't help but think that the first two books would have been just as engaging as the third and would have provided more information regarding a society known as The Invisibles and the GenExers.

Veritas, is a book that will keep all ages interested and entertained from beginning to end. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and so I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars.

Veritas: The GenEx Saga (Book 3)
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