Review of Is Eternity Already Here?

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Frances G
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Review of Is Eternity Already Here?

Post by Frances G »

[Following is a volunteer review of "Is Eternity Already Here?" by Christian Howard.]
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4 out of 5 stars
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Is Eternity Already Here? by Christian Howard captures attention by plunging us into the issue of eternity and whether it exists in our world as we know it. He extends an invitation to readers to join him on his life’s journey that found questions and answers about how conventional wisdom paves the way to a potential fresh interpretation of eternity. The book was written by combining the core of metaphysics, spirituality, and science. Howard associates a variety of scientific disciplines, including quantum physics, the paranormal, and old wisdom traditions and faiths. He quotes key personalities from Christianity and Buddhism, particularly Jesus and Buddha, as well as luminaries from science, such as Albert Einstein.

The author's ability to clearly convey difficult ideas is one of the book's strongest points. He leads us through each chapter constructing creative thoughts in our minds. Additionally, he adds personal reflections and tales to humanize a difficult subject. He makes readers think and feel, but he never brainwashes them. He only poses questions from which we can infer our own theories about eternity. Is Eternity Already Here? is a question he does not address. Instead, he encourages us to realize life's secrets, and he leads us to consider the possibility that every minute of the present is indeed an eternity.

The barriers between scientific inquiry and contemplation of the spiritual are bridged by Howard's strong arguments. According to him, searching for the answer to life after death is an adventure. I recommend this book to adults who are looking for an academic challenge or spiritual development.

Even though this book is deserving of a straight five-star rating for its content, I give it a score of 4 out of 5 stars because of the obvious punctuation and grammar mistakes. It was not proofread or edited by a professional.

In spite of this, you will be left in awe after reading this book.

Is Eternity Already Here?
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Post by MacdonaldManana »

The book seems interesting, I have been into science for the past year or two and I'm really enjoying myself in finding out the various scientific discoveries out there. I will try the book in hopes of trying to find a good analogy between Christianity and Science. The two tend to collide in an interesting way.
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Post by ANKit PaNDEy_ »

Is Eternity Already Here?, Christian Howard explores the idea that eternal life is not something that we have to wait for until we die, but something that we can experience right here and right now. He draws on his own experiences as well as the experiences of others who have had near-death experiences to argue that eternity is not a place, but a state of being.
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Post by Amijad »

This book Sims interesting. I am not a Christian but I want to know more about this religion so I started to read Bible and other books related to Christians and I found this I hope it can give me some good ideas and knowledge
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Umesh Bhatt
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Post by Umesh Bhatt »

The book seems interesting. From the review it is also clear that it is for serious readers as the theme deals with metaphysics and decoding eternity. Thanks for a nice review.
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Post by Hoihhh »

The title of the book itself is already an interesting. It can be taken in pov.:of Christianity or the discoveries he made from his life experiences...
Alejandro Lopez 3
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Post by Alejandro Lopez 3 »

very interesting, I'm going to give it a chance, combining science and spirituality is always a success
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Post by Dlhaine21 »

The book seems interesting. at it is for serious readers as the theme deals with metaphysics and decoding eternity. Thanks for a nice review.
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Seetha E
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Post by Seetha E »

To imagine spiritual thinking and scientific concepts coexisting is difficult. The fact that the author has brought them both to the table and left it to the reader to digest and decide is great. Makes for an interesting read. Thanks for your in-depth review.
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Breona Mcbee
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Post by Breona Mcbee »

Well I like the book I enjoyed it, although everyone has there own opinion to the book I like everyone opinion
Naseem Banu
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Post by Naseem Banu »

Very true
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Post by Yeahira123 »

I found this book very interesting. I am not Christian but I am very eager to know in details about all religions. This book helped me to gain some knowledge about Christian religion. I am rating it 5 🌟.
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Kigen Valarie
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Post by Kigen Valarie »

The last book I read combined philosophy, science and religion and talked about how God is involved in evolution. I believe it's something similar and I'd love to know if eternity is here with us. Thank you for a well timed recommendation Frances.
I want to be here for life.
Jane Ogwang
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Post by Jane Ogwang »

The title of the book sounds quite intriguing. I'm glad your review covers the book quite well and I'd definitely be interested in reading this.
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