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Tony Official
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Review of Animal Farm 2

Post by Tony Official »

[Following is an official review of "Animal Farm 2" by Martin Knox.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Animal Farm 2 by Martin Knox is a political satire that was also written as a fable, just like George Orwell's Animal Farm. Written as a follow-up to Orwell's masterpiece, this novel talks about the continuance of the revolution of the animals. It is a jump from frying pan to fire, judging from the fact that the animals that were hoping for a better life after the revolution found themselves in the totalitarian hands of the pigs.

After the revolution spearheaded by Old Major and Napoleon many years ago led to the deposition and banishment of Farmer Jones from his establishment, the animals sat back, hoping to enjoy the fruits of freedom that took every drop of their blood, sweat, and tears only to find themselves in the hands of a terrible government where votes didn't count and voices were not heard. But then, the animals realized what they had to do; they invested a lot of time, risk, and resources in educating themselves in science and learning. After a very long while, their quest for freedom from the pigs began with the rise of Arnold the bull.

As a follow-up to the great Animal Farm, I would say that the book really made its mark, considering the big shoe it had to fill. The description and imagination of the author to create scenes depicting animals going about their daily activities like humans were amazing. At some point, it felt like a science textbook because the author tried to drive home his points with his knowledge of chemical engineering, a course he studied at the university. This made the book more appealing, especially since the author has a lot of knowledge about science. Pain and freedom were predominant themes in the novel, and the way he was able to balance both is commendable. As a child, I had always hoped that the book Animal Farm would have a sequel. This book by Martin Knox fulfilled that fantasy.

The book had very few grammatical errors, a testament to good professional editing. However, the only negative thing about the book is that at some point, it turned into a textbook on climate change. With all of these very well-considered, I'll rate this book four out of four stars. I couldn't convince myself to give it any other rating other than this.

I strongly recommend this work of art to lovers of politics. People who enjoy reading historical-fiction novels and lovers of literature would be best suited for this book. This book is also recommended to science students.

Animal Farm 2
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Blessing E
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Post by Blessing E »

Historical fiction books can be thrilling. I appreciate well written reviews. This is because it gives me an idea of how to structure my reviews subsequently. Thanks teaching me what a good review is. And congratulations for having your review published.
Meribah McHayle
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Post by Meribah McHayle »

This was an outstanding and well written review. It provided a good summary of what the book entails. It surely makes u want to know what happens in this following sequel to Orwell's infamous work. Congratulations on your review's approval.
Sopulu Ezidimma
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Post by Sopulu Ezidimma »

What an amazing review, i was captivated by the name of the book am glad to hear that the book was worth the time. It was a detailed summary of the book that was reviewed, its wonderful.
Darlington Onuoha
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Post by Darlington Onuoha »

I enjoyed George Orwell's bookso much that I thought about writing a sequel to it myself. However, it seems this author has beat me to this. I would love in fact really love to read this book to see what his own version is like. I hope it is as good as I feel.
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Post by chocolaterays »

This is an amazing review. It encompasses what a standard review should have. Your summary of the book was beautiful. However, because of the negative aspect you mentioned above, I don't think I would want to try out this book. I'm not too fond of lengthy books. Overall, your review is wonderful. Thumbs up.
Kennedy NC
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Post by Kennedy NC »

The author did an enthralling job with this book. I loved reading the first one an I am certain I will like this one too. The Animal Farm has qualities that I haven't been able to find in other books. It's ability to talk about man's traits using animals is noteworthy. Thanks for te review.
Walter R
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Post by Walter R »

Tony has done well with the book. I had also hoped to read another part of the Animal Farm. Although i did not read the book as a child, it caught my attention and I am sure this would too. Thanks for the review.
Lucy Vera
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Post by Lucy Vera »

Anyone who has read the first book of animal farm will want to read this too. It's even more amazing that the author was able to pull off writing a second version of such a notable book.
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Post by NetMassimo »

Building upon a classic such as Animal Farm is a bold idea and it seems successful with some updates to today's world such as climate change. Thank you for your great review!
Ciao :)
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