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Review of About Spiritual Energy

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[Following is an official review of "About Spiritual Energy" by Walter E Broach.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Walter E. Broach has written a masterpiece in About Spiritual Energy. There are so many questions concerning life. How life came to be is one of them. What happens when people die is another big one. In this book, the author answers these questions and many more in a way that assures the reader that he knows just what he's saying.

When a woman is pregnant, several things happen right there in her womb. The coming together of cells to form a new life is a wonder. When a baby passes through this stage and is born into the world, it already has character traits, emotions, and even memories. The universe is so vast that where we live is only a tiny part. Yet, there is excellent coordination between all the aspects of the universe. We also see this excellent coordination in the different parts of our bodies. There are energy particles responsible for this coordination. These energy particles are responsible for the universe's formation, our births, our lives, our interactions with other forms of life, and what happens when the physical body no longer moves or breathes. These energy particles prove that there's really no death, but we only exist in different forms.

There's so much intelligence packed into this book. Many books out there claim to have the answers to creation/evolution, life, death, after-life, etc. But this particular book stands out because the author lays out facts backed by research, spirituality, and even religion. For once, there's a meeting point for several theories on life and after-life from diverse sources. It's not perfectly synchronous, but it's not a chaotic dispute like what is usually portrayed. It makes what the author has to say in this book believable.

I love the systematic way the author breaks down what he says. He doesn't try to convince anyone to believe; he states that people will always believe what they want to believe. I find this striking because most authors want to convince readers to believe what they're saying. Nonetheless, his matter-of-fact approach to it tends to make someone believe him. At the end of each chapter, he states the main points, which summarizes what the reader can take away.

Though it's a dicey subject, I enjoyed reading this book. The author wasn't focused on debating his points; he took the time to point out how we could live better and have better results. I see About Spiritual Energy as his way of teaching others what he knows and helping them lead successful lives. There are only a few errors and minor formatting issues. Otherwise, there's nothing to dislike. Therefore, I rate it 4 out of 4 stars. I recommend it to philosophers, scientists, theologians, religious leaders, spiritualists, and those who have questions about making something out of life.

About Spiritual Energy
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Taana Ueh
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Post by Taana Ueh »

"Spiritual energy" is a rather controversial subject. Writing about it requires some level of experience and expertise. It's refreshing to know that the book wasn't an argumentative essay for or against. Great read.
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Post by PeterRabitt20 »

Questions about the cosmos and life's origins are always conversation-starters. There are so many different views and takes on these issues; but, I don't mind reading about what different people think. Thanks for this review.
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Post by Mary Lou Mills »

Enticing review. I like that he doesn't force his views. His perspective appears to be to help others live better.
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The issue that this book covers is the cause of numerous debates. However, this is a great review.
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Post by Ghuddie »

Theologians will find this book most interesting. Great review.
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Post by Edgardo Buelva »

I have always thought about faith the size of a mustard seed that which you can tell a mountain to roll over the sea and I believe that kind of spiritual energy should be tapped into. I always wanted to read a book that might begin to scratch even the surface of this subject matter.
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Thank you for a very good review. How you have highlighted that the author is not too focused on convincing people, but rather on explaining what he feels is in his unique systematic way to make it easier for engaging. That impressed me enough to feel like giving the book a visit. I am really convinced it is a good book♥️🌼
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~Phooko tebogo
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Post by Victoria Ukamaka »

I'm curious about these theories about life and afterlife. Your summary of the book got me curious. Great review!
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Post by Margi zuu202 »

This is a non fictional book 📖
Most people believe we were biologically created instead of spiritual entities..the book answers questions such as how can we improve our abilities to enjoy happiness and all that is good, do the character traits we develop while living stay with us when we return to the spiritual realms, dose spiritual energy have everything to do with religion or God .this book changed my believe how I view spiritual entities awesome and I will recommend it
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Sou Hi
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Post by Sou Hi »

Thanks for your review. Unfortunately, I'm not that interested in life and after-life, so I guess this book is not for me.
Dennis Kimani 6
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Post by Dennis Kimani 6 »

Very interesting take on all beings being living beings, and a curious hint at the difference or rather similarities between soul, mind and body. I agree that life begets from life and all living beings are unique expressions of the universe.
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Post by Timothy Rucinski »

I suppose we will never tire of thinking about how life came about and what happens when life ends. The concept of spiritual energy falls somewhat into my own belief system, so I appreciate Mr. Broach taking the opportunity to promote his take on the subject. Congrats to him on BOTD.
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Jorge Leon Salazar
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Post by Jorge Leon Salazar »

I like books that deal with existential topics like life, death, afterlife, the universe, etc. Although one may not agree with everything the author proposes, it is always interesting to examine other points of view and there are always aspects to learn. It sounds intriguing.
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Eze Michael
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Post by Eze Michael »

There are a lot of information within this book. The author did a good job in the characterization of this book. I'd love to read and learn about spiritual energy. Thanks for your honest review.
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