Review of Break the Chains of Dieting

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Kaitlyn Canedy
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Review of Break the Chains of Dieting

Post by Kaitlyn Canedy »

[Following is an official review of "Break the Chains of Dieting" by David Medansky.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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How many times have you gone on a diet? If you have dealt with excess weight, then there is a good chance you have tried at least one. But after going off your diet, you may have gained all of the lost weight back and more. Why are diets ineffective for weight loss and maintenance? In Break the Chains of Dieting, David Medansky explains why diets fail while providing advice on losing weight healthily and effectively. Readers will learn about the dangers of artificial sweeteners, setting healthy weight loss goals, how to think more positively about themselves, and much more. David has struggled with obesity and was able to lose a quarter of his total body weight. Because of his experience, David feels that this book will help others feel more confident in their abilities to change their lives.

The honest tone David uses is what I enjoyed most in this book. As hard as it is to hear the things he says, I loved that he was not afraid to say things how they were. In one instance, he told readers that they did not become overweight overnight; instead, they became so because of years of bad food choices. Readers should be ready to take a hard look at themselves if they are serious about becoming healthier. David clearly states that no one is to blame for an unhealthy lifestyle except the person who chose to live that way.

Learning about affirmations and declarations was something that I also liked. Honestly, using affirmations is not new to me; I use them every day when I do my work and exercises. However, using declarations with affirmations was a fresh concept to me. For example, one can affirm that they are in a healthy weight range while declaring that they make better food choices each day. I appreciated David for teaching his readers how to use these concepts together.

If there is one thing I would change, it would be for the author to add citations at the end of the book. David talks about two components in the American water system that are dangerous for American citizens to consume, but the Environmental Protection Agency has said they are safe anyway. I found information about it, but having the citations available would have made this research nearly effortless. This fallacy is also true for his discussion about artificial sweeteners.

Even though I would have liked a list of citations available, I do not think this was enough to deduct a star. Break the Chains of Dieting deserves nothing less than 4 out of 4 stars for its excellent presentation, research-backed opinions, and valuable information. Two instances of profanity are at the beginning of this book, but these profane words are the only ones throughout the text. A prayer to a higher being is in the introduction, but David does not talk about a specific religion in the book. Americans who want to live a healthier lifestyle or lose some weight will likely benefit from what this title has to offer.

Break the Chains of Dieting
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Post by Rishi_reviews »

As a person who faced some minor health issues I can say this is a really good representation of how you should manage your diet. Thanks for the amazing review.
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Post by Review Writer »

Thanks for this comprehensive reviews! The concept of affirmation with declaration sounds piqued my interest.
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Post by Apple 7 »

A very expository insight into the world of healthy living which totally doesn't depend on the old adage of dieting, very interesting read
Kutlwano S
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Post by Kutlwano S »

We should definitely break these chains...great review
J Edwards
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Post by J Edwards »

Books like these ones should as honest as possible, however much we may dislike what they have to say. It is my hope that the message eventually gets home. Thank you for your amazing review.
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Post by markodim721 »

I like that the author opted for the use of honest tone and I think most readers will like it too, because most diets promise miracles. Thanks for the very informative review.
Tebogo Eugene M
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Post by Tebogo Eugene M »

Thanks for the review would like to read the book about how to loss weight since I have being struggling to loss weight and I think it will help me with diet to. "Break the Chains of Dieting" by David Medansky.
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Astral Magi
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Post by Astral Magi »

I am not sure that this book is for me, given that some people are overweight due to genetics or ill health. Thank you for an insightful review.
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Post by Mmg8464 »

I like that positive affirmation are incorporated in weight loss advice. I don't have a problem with losing weight but it would be great to read this. Thanks for your review.
Michelle Menezes
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Post by Michelle Menezes »

I was on the verge of becoming overweight 2 years ago, but I've never been one for dieting, as I knew I wouldn't have been able to keep up with it. However, I've seen my friend struggle to lose weight and go on diets on and off. I'm glad that David was able to lose weight and decided to help others by writing the book. This comes across as a great guide. Thank you for the review!
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Jorge Leon Salazar
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Post by Jorge Leon Salazar »

Many of us have dealt with being overweight at some point in our lives. It catches my attention to know the explanation of why diets fail and the tips on how to lose weight in a healthy and effective way. Undoubtedly, this is a useful read.
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Deval Sodha
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Post by Deval Sodha »

The book explains why diets fail while providing advice on losing weight healthily and effectively.
It gives the reader an opportunity to Learn about affirmations and declarations through excellent presentation, research-backed opinions, and valuable information.
The review is superb.
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Post by AntonelaMaria »

Honesty and personal experience with weight loss are a must when writing such a book. Good to hear that the author has both. I agree that your critique is valid and doesn't deserve to take a rating down. Great job with the review.
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Timothy Rucinski
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Post by Timothy Rucinski »

This is good stuff, right here. There's no magic way to lose weight, just a need to change one's lifestyle to be a healthier person. Congratulations to the author on his achievement and on earning BOTD!
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