Did you have a life-changing book to recommend?

Looking for a specific book recommendation? Need help finding your next great read? Tell us a little about you, your preferences, and other books you enjoy. Tell us a little about what kind of books you want to read. Our helpful community of avid readers will gladly help you. :)

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Nicole Carvalho
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Did you have a life-changing book to recommend?

Post by Nicole Carvalho »

Did you have a life-changing book to recommend?

The one I am currently reading here, Perfect by Judi Miller, is really having an impact on me right now. I am in a moment in my life where I am kinda unfulfilled spiritually and this book helping a lot. :techie-studyinggray: :techie-reference:
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Post by Sakura5 »

I grew up with the Harry Potter saga: those books had a huge impact on my childhood and adolescence. Even now I remember them fondly, and when I re-read them I am immediately brought back to the past.
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Post by Archaeoptery »

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas
There is more I can talk about but this is the first one that came to mind.
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Post by petar_denkov »

1. Meditations - Marcus Aurelius - this book got me out of depression, maybe even saved my life, improved my career and really helped me see the world in a calmer way.

2. I'm not being preachy here but any religious text and stories whether The bible, Quran, any Buddhist or Taoist text, anything on Stoicism really, or anything other that has meaningful life experiences of people from the old age and their suffering will help lift you up, speaking from experience.

3. Ivory carver trilogy - Sue Harrison - Starts off optimistic, gets violently brutal very fast, extremely depressing, punishing and painful over the next 2 books. But like the suggestion for #2 it has a lot of experiences of peoples that survived and thrived in extremely hard and impoverished conditions in prehistoric times. Very detailed world building and lots of life lessons to be found in these books, albeit I've heard from others they're just grimdark shock-factor thrillers at the end. Depends what you get out of them I guess.

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Post by HummingBird »

1. Reasons to Stay Alive - Matt Haig
2. Secrets for the Mad - Dodie Clark

Both of these books somehow felt like a hug when I was feeling alone, or feeling a lot.
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Post by Wildflowertheorist »

Atomic habits!

This book is everything you need to know about changing your life!
And it's practical.
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