Official Review: Unbowed-A Novel by Lestine

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Sam Ibeh
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Official Review: Unbowed-A Novel by Lestine

Post by Sam Ibeh »

[Following is an official review of "Unbowed-A Novel" by Lestine.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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It always seems impossible until it's done. For women who have existed under years of denigration, abuse, and humiliation, the idea of living freely and independently seems impossible. But when change begins to come, it is witnessed with shock, tentative hope, and anticipation to finally cast off the chains that have held them.

In Unbowed: A Novel by Lestine, the cruelty shown to women everywhere in the world is brought to light. In Africa, India, and the Middle East, the problem is worse and carried out under the guise of decency and religious codes. People are murdered, raped, and mutilated because they are female. Women are subjugated and stripped of their voices and identities to protect men's dominant positions in the family and society. When brave women begin to speak out, and victims find their voices to let the whole world know their story, it leads to a revolution. This causes women to wake up and take back the freedom and rights that have been denied them.

This novel is truly captivating and heart-wrenching. I found myself engrossed in it from start to finish while experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. I was horrified, hopeful, and joyful as the story progressed. Contrary to what I expected, it wasn't some twisted 'feminist' book designed to bolster the divide between men and women. This book drew my attention to the real dangers women face. Whereas women would more easily relate to this book, anybody with a desire for equal human rights for both sexes would also enjoy this book. However, some Muslims might see this book as an attack on their religion. People who are deeply committed to the principles of Sharia law would find this book offensive. Finally, due to the explicit sexual descriptions, it won't be appropriate for young readers.

The author created characters that were real and endearing. All their mistakes and breakthroughs were documented and shared with the reader. They could easily have been people who really existed. The author showed the stages of their growth and how they attained maturity. For example, Basma, the main character, started as a timid, naive young woman conditioned by her environment. Through her experiences, she progressed to a courageous, outspoken woman who could make decisions for herself and take responsibility for them. This wasn't intended to be a spoiler as there was more to Basma that you'd need to read the book to discover.

The writing of this book was smooth, almost lyrical. The descriptions were dramatic, and the way the author built up to the climax was exciting. I got caught up in a different world while reading this book, and I almost forgot where I was. The author was able to stir up emotions with her writing to inspire her readers.

My only issue with this book is its grammatical structuring. Some of the scenes seemed to jump around a bit, and too many commas were used in some sentences. There are a plethora of errors — another round of professional editing will fix them. Therefore, I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars. Feminists, women's rights adherents, and people who enjoy a well-written story will have a swell time reading this book.

Unbowed-A Novel
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Post by Drianie »

The fact that the characters in this novel seem like they could actually exist in real life makes it all the more compelling. I think this book has a wonderful message, and there is a lot to be gained by giving it a read. Thanks for the great review!
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Post by MsH2k »

Sam Ibeh wrote: 14 Nov 2020, 01:48 I got caught up in a different world while reading this book, and I almost forgot where I was.
Despite the grammatical errors, that statement is the mark of a good book. These women sound courageous. Thank you for a great review.
"Knowing what must be done does away with fear."
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Ogugua Obinna Stephen
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Post by Ogugua Obinna Stephen »

Books like this should be encouraged. It is no doubt that women are victimised around the world. Women deserve their right as well. I hope the author also said something about giving women too much freedom because some women tend to abuse the freedom given to them.

Great review😁
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Nqobile Mashinini Tshabalala
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Post by Nqobile Mashinini Tshabalala »

This book shines a light on serious issues faced by women globally. The saddest part is that gender-based violence is still prevalent even in this modern-day era. Thanks for a detailed review!
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Post by Vannaskivt »

If only this type of treatment was being written about as past tense instead of needing to be informative to our current times. How sad that we've made so much progress and yet so much more needs to occur. Thanks for this great review. This book would probably frustrate me more than enlighten me, but nonetheless, it sounds like an important read for many.
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Post by Queenyx »

This book is a great asset for every woman to read. Great review!!
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Post by Nedbrian »

I loved how the book would be most appropriate for mature readers because it can instigate far into the younger ones. I wish this book can get to every woman. Great review
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