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Official Review: A Critical Investigation into Precogniti...

Post by ciecheesemeister »

[Following is an official review of "A Critical Investigation into Precognitive Dreams" by Paul Kiritsis.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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A Critical Investigation into Precognitive Dreams: Dreamscaping Without My Timekeeper by Paul Kiritsis is a scholarly text examining the phenomenon of dreams hinting at or directly depicting events that later come to pass. The author is a psychotherapist, and the book approaches precognitive dreaming from a scientific rather than a mystical standpoint.

The author discusses his feelings regarding the shortcomings of modern science when it comes to investigating phenomena such as precognitive dreams. Such phenomena are difficult to prove using a system of empirical evaluation, but they exist nonetheless, and it is worth studying them from an agnostic standpoint rather than writing them off because they are difficult to measure using currently existing scientific methods. The author discusses historical viewpoints regarding precognitive dreaming and provides multiple examples of this phenomenon from various subjects who participated in his studies.

I give A Critical Investigation into Precognitive Dreams four out of four stars. The book is professionally edited. I did not find any errors in the text. The case studies are fascinating, and I appreciate the author’s agnostic approach to the subject matter. I am interested in metaphysical topics such as precognitive dreaming and extrasensory perception and it is wonderful to find a book that does not rely on religious or mystical faith or on a very stringent type of scientific proof. The author’s open-mindedness is refreshing.

I enjoyed the feeling that I could read the case studies and theories without feeling like I was either being judged for not being a believer in any particular religion or being judged for believing that there are real phenomena and abilities that cannot be measured by modern scientific techniques. I have had precognitive dreams myself and found that it is quite difficult to be open about these occurrences for fear of being ridiculed.

A Critical Investigation into Precognitive Dreams is a brief book, but it is not a fast read. I put the book aside between each chapter to allow the things I had learned to sink in. I strongly recommend this book to open-minded readers who are interested in studying metaphysical phenomena and who enjoy in-depth research.

I do not recommend this book for the reader who is seeking brief explanations of psychic phenomena coupled with exciting anecdotes or who is looking for techniques or rituals to induce precognitive dreams. The book does provide various examples of precognitive dreams, but it is written from the perspective of a researcher, not a guru or teacher.

A Critical Investigation into Precognitive Dreams
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Post by Stephanie Elizabeth »

This sounds like an informative read and, I, like you, like that the author is not forcing the reader to submit to any particular religion or scientific belief. Such an engaging review; thank you.

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Post by Chimdi_3 »

This viewpoint is different from what I am used to and I wouldn't mind reading g the book to have a better understanding of precognitive dreams. Thanks for the review.

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Post by Prince Chime »

I liked the fact that the book uses a scientific rather than a mystical standpoint to present the concept of precognitive dreams. It gives scientific research something to consider. Great and concise review.
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Post by sirbobthewise »

Precognitive dreaming is a really fascinating topic, and I appreciate the author’s approach, as it seems like it is not the norm. I appreciate your willingness to tell a bit of your personal experience with precognitive dreaming, as well, and I think it’s wonderful when people can share and stand upon scientific data while also recognizing that science has not yet been able to explain or measure everything. Thanks for a great review! I may give this book a try.

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Post by Teddyquam »

Wow, this seems very intriguing. As someone who usually does not remember their dreams at all, I am amazed at the idea of dreams predicting future events. COOL.
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Post by LinaJan »

As a psychology student, I am extremely intrigued by this book! There's nothing like a good case study based on empirical evidence/considerations! I am so pleased I've come across this :D Thank you for such an inviting review!

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Post by Jachike Samuelson »

It's refreshing that this book approaches the idea of dreams from a scientific standpoint, rather than a mystical one. It sounds like it is worth a try

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Post by Nkoo »

I totally agree with you; one needs an open mind to read and appreciate this kind of narrative. It sounds like a book I will want to read. Thanks for your review.

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Post by damis »

Now that sounds like a very interesting read! I'd like to check it out. Great review!

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