Official Review: The Candy Cane Caper by Josi S. Kilpack

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Official Review: The Candy Cane Caper by Josi S. Kilpack

Post by Snowflake » 26 Nov 2019, 17:29

[Following is an official review of "The Candy Cane Caper" by Josi S. Kilpack.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The Candy Cane Caper by Josi Kilpack is a wonderful cosy mystery. It’s a follow-up to a 12-book series about amateur detective Sadie Hoffmiller. The intrepid Sadie seems to have survived many previous adventures! However, she has been happily married and retired from the investigation business for the past five years. As the story opens, Sadie is in the last stages of preparing for Christmas with her blended family. Peter, her husband, is away on business and a snowstorm is coming. Sadie is worried the snow will keep everyone away for the holidays. To distract herself, she bakes last-minute treats and agrees to help her former neighbour, Mary, decorate her Christmas tree. There are delicious recipes at the end of most chapters.

Mary, elderly and nearly blind, now lives in a nursing home. As Sadie adds the ornaments to the tree, her friend tells the story of how the decorations came to be a part of her family tradition. It soon becomes clear that the ornaments are valuable antiques. Mary wants to hang them on the tree one last time before bequeathing them to her great-niece. Unfortunately, some of the ornaments are missing the next morning. Sadie quickly dusts off her investigation skills. She wants to find and return the ornaments to the tree before Mary realizes they are missing. There are many suspects to consider! The list includes Mary’s family members, the nursing home staff and the numerous people who come in and out of the residence during the Christmas season. Sadie finds out that her friend is not the only one to have valuable items go missing at the home, and the hunt is on.

This is a fun book! The characters are realistic and relatable. Sadie is preparing for Christmas as many of us do, with last-minute baking and errands. Sadie is funny and doesn’t take herself too seriously, but she does take friendship seriously. She goes to great lengths to help her friend out – including a stint as Mrs. Claus at a busy shopping mall! A good investigator is careful not to take anyone or anything at face value. They make an effort to look deeper. As Sadie investigates and listens to each person, she works to look past first impressions in an effort to discover the true culprit.

There was nothing to dislike about this mystery. It was professionally edited. I only found one typo and one mix-up of words throughout the whole book! The plot was interesting and made sense. The mystery and the relationships were balanced well. Even though this is a follow-up to a series, it read quite well as a stand-alone novel. Enough information was provided that I am curious about the previous books, but I don’t need them to make sense of this story. The end of the book wrapped everything up nicely. It was a very satisfying read.

I am happy to rate The Candy Cane Caper by Josi Kilpack 4 out of 4 stars. This book was exceptionally edited. The plot was well-executed, it had a sense of humour, and it was a pleasure to read. This is an entertaining novel for readers who enjoy cosy mysteries, Christmas themes, books with recipes (Christmas recipes, in this case), and family and friends stories. This is not a crime/procedural/thriller novel but an excellent cosy mystery that can be enjoyed by all ages.

The Candy Cane Caper
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Post by Browlyns » 28 Nov 2019, 13:50

Wow! This is the first investigative mystery I have seen to funny. All mystery books I have came across are mostly deep, high paced and dangerous. This is a welcome distribution from most books from this category.

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Post by Magnify3 » 28 Nov 2019, 17:29

I would love to read such a mystery book. It would be fun to read something funny for a change. Thank you for the review!

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Post by kmcgee21 » 29 Nov 2019, 04:22

Thank you for such a great, informative review. I dislike buying a book only to find so many typos or meaningless plot lines that I cannot finish the story. A review like this really helps!

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Post by Letora » 29 Nov 2019, 06:36

This is the perfect time of the year to read this. :) Thank you for your review!
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Post by spencermack » 29 Nov 2019, 10:08

This book sounds right up my ally. Can't wait to pick this up! Amazing review!
Spencer Mack

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Post by La Cabra » 29 Nov 2019, 11:09

Sadie is funny and doesn’t take herself too seriously, but she does take friendship seriously
Love that! Great bit of writing from yourself but also lovely feature of the protagonist. I'd like to check this out. I find quite, well, unappealing that a lot of 'adult' literature is about a protagonist fancying a younger woman/man. This is like a a breath of fresh air in the genre almost.
Thanks for a brilliant review.

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Post by MsH2k » 29 Nov 2019, 14:47

This sounds like a great read for this season. Wow - a 12-book series! The author apparently knows how to keep things fresh. Good to know you can read this as a stand-alone. Thank you for a wonderful review!

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Post by Y0landa » 30 Nov 2019, 13:23

I love mysteries. It'd be interesting to read this one as it is combined with humour, unlike most mysteries I've read. Sounds like an entertaining read. Great interview!

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Post by mtina324 » 30 Nov 2019, 21:14

I'm looking forward to reading it. Has great reviews!

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Post by Rea_der » 01 Dec 2019, 10:36

This title caught my eye , and your review gives the proper idea about its genre and story. Great review. I like stories sprinkled with a bit humour... It gives peace

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Post by kandscreeley » 01 Dec 2019, 18:50

This sounds so cute. It's just in time for Christmas, too. I love that it has recipes, humor, serious moments, and mystery! Whew! That's a lot. Thanks for a wonderful review.
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Post by swims1215 » 01 Dec 2019, 22:28

The title of the book is what made me click on this review. I can't wait to read this. Great review!

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Post by Nivi Gideon » 01 Dec 2019, 22:56

Sounds like a wonderful book I'd enjoy as much as you did! Thank you for the honest review. Can't wait to get a chance to review this book

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Post by Miller56 » 02 Dec 2019, 18:28

I love a good mystery. This one sounds like it would be a fun read. Thanks for the review.

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