Official Review: It Finally Happened by Craig Glatky

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Official Review: It Finally Happened by Craig Glatky

Post by Mercy Bolo » 22 Feb 2019, 03:05

[Following is an official review of "It Finally Happened" by Craig Glatky.]
Book Cover
2 out of 4 stars
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It Finally Happened by Craig Glatky is a sci-fi/fantasy novel infused with elements of romance, humor, and non-fiction. The author takes the reader on a rollercoaster that navigates his dreams and provides a glimpse into his past.

The author's colorful imagination is evident in his narration. He traverses various worlds, interacting with different creatures in the process. He places himself in deathly situations but also allows room for compassion and kindness. Encounters with mythical creatures like trolls and dragons highlight the author's bravery. I wasn't surprised when he interacted with superheroes and characters from television shows. His take excited me because I have also had dreams that featured my favorite characters.

In his dreams, Craig is a serial womanizer who marries every woman he desires. I concluded that this was his troubled love life manifesting because the inspiration behind this story is a girl he kissed in the first grade. She keeps popping up in his memory, but Craig doesn't even know her last name. I like that the author was honest about his real-life search for the mysterious girl, although it ended haphazardly. The unhealthy obsession, however, worries me. It was unexpected when Craig underwent a psychological evaluation which revealed a few details from his childhood. I liked that the doctor who performed these tests seemed professional although at times it felt like the author was under duress. He also included some of his family members in the story. Although he gave them different names, the synopsis at the end of the book provides readers with clues about their identities.

The author accurately captured the disjointed essence of dreams. In an instant, the scenery shifted from outer space to dark dungeons and often a few years into the future. The lack of continuity, however, was a task to process. It was unclear where a dream ended, and reality began. That coupled with a combination of both the first person and third person narration made me go over some sections more than once. Since most of the sentences begin with a noun, the story felt choppy. The use of pronouns will streamline its flow and ease the reading experience. It was a task to keep up with the many characters who have difficult but similar names. They also popped up randomly, which often disoriented me. Readers who like dialogue will find a lot of it in this book. I, however, wasn't comfortable with the lengthy conversations and would've wanted to read more of Craig's adventures. Although I like fast-paced stories, this one was too fast and felt rushed. A more leisurely pace will put the events in perspective and could create two or more books out of this one.

What I disliked most about this book is that it contains multiple grammatical errors, mostly misspelled words. Since they occur in almost every paragraph, they diminished the reading experience. The errors coupled with the complicated storyline lower the book's rating to 2 out of 4 stars. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for an unorthodox read with an unusual plot. People who like simple and straightforward storylines, however, should stay away from this book.

It Finally Happened
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Post by DogoMulla » 05 Mar 2019, 14:28

This such an insightful review. The detail in it is relevant enough. Congratulations for such commendable work.

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Rose Harebate
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Post by Rose Harebate » 06 Mar 2019, 04:38

I like the fact that the book contains romance and humor, which are my favorite genres. Too bad the book was not edited and had a complicated storyline. Nice review!

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Post by kandscreeley » 06 Mar 2019, 09:10

This sounds interesting. A kind of dream-state book. I'm just not sure it's for me, especially with the many errors you found. Thanks for the review, but I think I'll pass.
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Post by Mbrooks2518 » 06 Mar 2019, 12:17

I was intrigued by the book cover, but the plot doesn't interest me. Because of that and the multiple grammar errors that you mentioned, I'll pass on this book. Great review!

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Post by Kibetious » 07 Mar 2019, 01:29

Thanks for the review. The major flaw that I have also seen in many books nowadays is the issue of transition where at times someone is dreaming and as you go on reading, suddenly the person is doing something else. I hope it does not take much effort to find the borders.
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Post by Chikari » 07 Mar 2019, 04:23

Great review! This book's plot does sound interesting. However, I do think those grammar mistakes would be too distracting for me.
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Chrystal Oaks
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Post by Chrystal Oaks » 09 Mar 2019, 12:41

The title and cover looked so promising; too bad it was so poorly written. Thank you for the awesome review!
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Post by InStoree » 14 Mar 2019, 06:43

From trolls and dragons to television shows ... A prolonged and most probably, adventurous path. The romance of childhood seems to transform the spark of love into an obsession, and by intermix fiction with the author's real-life produces a scent of temptation. I think his honesty is one of the advantages that this book has, but the invisible boundary of imagination and reality made me pass this work because it will be hard to keep up with all the confusion that it's created. Thank you for your considered review!

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Post by hedwigwhite » 14 Mar 2019, 08:21

The title itself made me curious enough but after reading your review, this just isn't the book for me. The unclear distinction of when the character is in a dream and back to reality would be too disorienting for me. Add on the grammar errors, well, just no. Still, thanks for the review!

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Post by chiefsimplex » 20 Mar 2019, 14:29

The review was thoroughly done :tiphat: .However this kind of imagination does not sit well with me ,so i think i will pass.Also ,i find Craig's obsession a bit repulsive.
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Post by Juliana_Isabella » 28 Mar 2019, 12:51

Great review! Sounds like the book needs some major editing before I'll want to read it.

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