Official Review: No Dark Clouds by R W Nelson

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Official Review: No Dark Clouds by R W Nelson

Post by Okafor Prosper »

[Following is an official review of "No Dark Clouds" by R W Nelson.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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No Dark Clouds by R W Nelson is a Christian fictional account that entwines the lives of Jesus (from the point He started getting popular for His teachings to His Ascension), seven beggar children (The Beggar Boy, Aditya, Scooter, Rebekah, Baa Foo, Figs, and the deformed baby), and a Roman Centurion, Leonidas. The story revisits some of the miracles performed by Jesus. It also shows how the Jewish elders grew to hate Jesus for proclaiming that He is a King. This then leads to Jesus' arrest, trial, crucifixion, and resurrection.

The story kicks off by introducing the reader to the beggar children, with most of them working as slaves for "Taskmaster". The characters of the beggar children are inspired by actual beggars in India, and the author does a wonderful job of painting a picture of what their struggles are like. It was very touching to see how the children had to beg each day, submit the proceeds to Taskmaster, and get punished if they didn't make enough money.

I really enjoyed the character development in the story, especially that of The Beggar Boy (later given the name "Zachary" by Jesus). Zachary was sold into slavery at a very young age. He had to go begging each day and return proceeds to his master, just like most slaves. However, his master was very cruel to him and ended up giving him scars on his face for not meeting his daily target. Zachary had to find a way to escape, which he did. His experiences made him stronger and able to fend for himself alone in the world, but it also made him so angry. I liked how his search for Jesus to heal his face changed him. When he finally got to meet Jesus, he learned about forgiveness.

The story also includes the theme of friendship, which was shown by the beggar children's relationship with each other. I also liked the author's style of writing in a descriptive way. This made me feel like I was watching the story as a movie. However, the author seemed to not be too descriptive when it came to scenes with violence. This favoured me, as I am not a fan of gore, but people that enjoy gore will not like those scenes.

I found No Dark Clouds very educational, especially after the end of the story, where the author included a lot of scriptures and prophecies from the Bible. I also liked that it included "The Beatitudes of Jesus". This is definitely a part of the book that I would go back to study. The book is well edited and well organized. I found only two errors in over 500 pages of reading, which I consider to be excellent. This helped me flow through the novel easily without putting it down. The timeline in the story was also very easy to follow. As there is nothing I disliked about No Dark Clouds, I rate it a solid 4 out of 4 stars. I would recommend this book to fans of historical fiction. People that want to learn more about the teachings of Jesus will also find this book interesting.

No Dark Clouds
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Post by Book Lover 35 »

Sounds like a neat book. I haven't heard about that miracle before. I'll keep this book in mind. Thank you!
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Post by kandscreeley »

I reviewed this one as well. It was a lovely story. A bit of a different take on the life of Jesus. The children are something special for sure. Thanks for your thoughts on this one.
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Post by tam_akangbou »

I like reading historical fiction. I’m not sure I like the plot of this story though. Nice review.
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Post by Seun419 »

I'm always up for different interpretations of the story of Jesus. Thank you for the review.
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Post by C-Extra22 »

Bible stories are the most uplifting stories on earth. I admire your review.
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Post by Willy 1 »

I have never seen a Bible story interpreted in this manner, seems like an interesting book and I'll definitely read it soon. Nice review.
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Post by Standor96 »

I like that this book teaches about friendship and forgiveness more than anything. I'll love to read this book. Thank you for the review.
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I see this story narrating a compelling version of the life of Jesus.Being a christian, I would love to read it.
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Post by PGreen »

If the characters of the beggar children were inspired by those in India, I wonder how this differs from Israeli character or culture. Regardless, this sounds like a good read on many levels!
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Post by THarveyReadALot »

Good review! I'm not sure I could've written it like that if I'd tried harder. I had too much story content in mine because I enjoyed the story a lot, but that's because I'm a Christian. Anyway, I hope very many people read this book! The story and Bible Studies are really good!
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Post by gali »

A Christian fiction following the lives of beggars kids , especially the Beggar boy, and their interactions with Jesus in biblical Jerusalem sounds original. Adding scriptures and prophecies from the Bible enrich the tale. Not for me, but I am glad you found it educational, enjoyable, and well edited. Thank you for the review!
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Post by Sanyesto »

I have never seen a Bible story interpreted in this manner, seems like an interesting book and I'll definitely read it soon. Nice review.
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Post by abbiejoice »

It's really an inspiring book. The reader will be touched by the suffering of the poor and innocent children in the story.
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Post by saimi_v »

I really like how the book deals with the subject of people in Jerusalem after the resurrection of Jesus, I liked how you treated the youngest and how descriptive is the story. It will be a book that I will put on my to-do list to read.
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