Review of Winners and Losers edition 3

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Review of Winners and Losers edition 3

Post by Kajori50 »

[Following is an official review of "Winners and Losers edition 3" by Arthur Hartz.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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From the very onset of life, we are taught that our goal in life is to be successful. The need to win is ingrained in us since birth. We are taught that only winning at things can give meaning to life. Consciously or unconsciously, we all hail winners and deride losers. We do not stop to think about whether winning at something gives us long-lasting happiness. If we take out some time to deliberate, it would be evident that the happiness that we attain after winning something is only fleeting. A few moments after our achievement, we again start a rat race with the goal of winning another thing. The cycle of winning and losing is nothing but a vicious cycle that has trapped us all in a never-ending loop of dissatisfaction.

In Winners and Losers: Heretical Cartoons About the American Religion of Winning (Edition 3), Arthur Hartz showcases the true picture of how winners and losers are treated in American culture. The basic tenet of the Great American Dream is to achieve success. We all experience a kind of thrill after winning something. We also glorify people who are able to become winners at one thing or the other. We forget to take into account that for every winner there is a loser. People who are unable to achieve the conventional notion of success are deemed as losers by society. Their existence becomes nothing but a hindrance.

In this book of cartoons and aphorisms, the author uses sharp sarcasm and whipping wit to depict the places winners and losers occupy in our society. The book starts with a bang. The very first cartoon laments the loss of the number of Nobel Prizes that could have been won had the holocaust not occurred. At first glimpse, we wholeheartedly agree with this notion. Upon further reflection, it strikes us that it is not the number of achievements that could have been won that is important. The important thing is the number of lives lost. By lamenting the loss of prizes that could have been won by some people, we are negating the existence of ordinary people who lost their lives as well. We tend to believe that we have nothing of interest if we do not have achievements, social skills, and appearance. We want to achieve success to elicit envy in others. We only pay attention to people only if they have done something notable in life. Even sages seem to compete with each other. The author talks about the traits that make someone a winner. Intelligence is a predominant factor in determining a winner. Conning and exploitation are common practices amongst the upper echelons of society. Winners get the job done by hook or by crook.

In today's times, people tend to deride aristocracy and glorify meritocracy. We think that the aristocracy was unfair as it depended on parental lineage. However, we tend to overlook that there are various external factors that influence one's merit as well. Nothing is fair in this world. Hence, we should not judge anyone. The author shows us what losers actually lack. The main thing is that they know that they are losers, however, they are unaware of what makes them so. People labeled as losers seek psychological help. They long for parental validation. They start judging those who have achieved success. As the author states, it is true that without the infrastructure people, people who matter would not matter anymore. People are judged on the basis of their intelligence, appearance, and wealth. Integrity, honesty, and kindness are no longer valued.

So, how do bottom feeders survive in this world of intense competition? Art Hartz gives us a fair idea in his Winners and Losers: Heretical Cartoons About the American Religion of Winning (Edition 3).

Hartz is a man of immense knowledge and talent. This is very evident in his writing. To be honest, I believe the concept of winners and losers as depicted by Hartz, is relevant for the entire world. He imparts an important message with wit and humor. The cartoons and aphorisms resonated deeply with me. Presented with humor, they showcased the reality of today's world. I would truly like to appreciate the cartoonists, Aleksander Jovie, Mike Wolfe, and Heroud Ramos, for doing a spectacular job. The cartoons were one of my favorite aspects of the book. Also, I would like to mention that I really liked the commentary by Elena Whitcombe. Her perspective was unique and apt.

The editing was professional. I truly did not find any shortcomings in this book. It is indeed perfect.

Keeping in mind the pros and cons, I happily rate this book, 4 out of 4 stars. I recommend this book to people with a philosophical bent of mind. People who like sociological cartoons should give this book a try as well.

Winners and Losers edition 3
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Solonzy Kingsley
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Post by Solonzy Kingsley »

If we take out some time to delrbrate,it would be the evident that the happiness that we attain after winning something is only fleeting.
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Post by stylesreview »

Quite the lengthy review man. This books seems interesting. I've always seen the two in the generic way of one being at the top and the other at the bottom. It's intriguing to see how Arthur has explained how losers don't even know they are losers! That had me smiling. Good review regardless.
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Post by Pencrafter »

The American culture encourages hard work and success. Thank you for the long and amazing review.
cece malfoy
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Post by cece malfoy »

This book its interesting, i like to see how Arthur has explained how losers don't even know they are losers. And it's relevan in a real life.
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Post by Asiaa Szn »

This book seems interesting. Thank you for a detailed review
Ronnie Comendador 1
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Post by Ronnie Comendador 1 »

It's intriguing how arthur has explained,!this is interesting for the 4 stars rating it's amazing..
Thanks for the review..
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Post by Sarah1738 »

This is the first legit and realistic, book. The first paragraph is what has got me head over heels because it's a complete reality. Thanks for the great review
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Ndagire Hassifah
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Post by Ndagire Hassifah »

The book seems intriguing. Great review.
Mydrel Hermann L
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Post by Mydrel Hermann L »

I love cartoon, and seeing a good review as this makes me want to read this book so much. To explain about winners and looser in this world we live in; will definitely want the detail explanation of the author
Janelydia Mwangi
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Post by Janelydia Mwangi »

It's a book worth a thousand words. The reaction of people depends on their feelings. The Holocaust incident presents the hypocrasy of modern man...that we only value people when they are alive. Thus when it occurs, we are not told of survivors
Lucas Francisco
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Post by Lucas Francisco »

We need more books like this ,to teach some of us how to grown,and learn to to be hard worker
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