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Re: Discuss Water for Elephants

Post by lovecalayag » 04 Jul 2017, 09:20

I have read the book before I watch the adaptation into a movie. I really like the book from the cover to every pages. The author knows how to illustrate the life of the Circus on 1956. Gives me interesting question how it is like to live on that year, on that place and on that type of life living on the Road. I love how Sara show us every type of people and society on that time. How different language, different belief that time was categorized how to have friends. I love the Romance between Jacob and Marlena. And their love for animals. I like Sara illustrate the feelings an emotions in the story. Its nice that even Jacob was put in Elderly house by his children he still understand why they need to do it . In the end he always believe that he had a wonderful life. Things that make us happy is home

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Post by dterrill » 21 Apr 2018, 17:19

If you liked the movie, reading the book is a Must! This was the first book I read on my kindle. I am the type of person that a book has to catch my attention early or I loose interest. At first the book is slow but you can tell that it is setting the scene for the reader. then it grabs you and you Just Can't stop reading! How the author catches you in describing details in a scene is inspiring and watching the film it gets lost. The Book is a true Love Story!

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Post by LarissaRunamuck » 12 Jul 2018, 16:57

I loved that each character really had their own unique character. A lot of times, I realize authors are writing every character as the same person (or worse, different aspects of themselves) but this book seemed to have realistic human beings involved in honestly difficult and real situations. I think the morality of what each character was doing was often expressed and whether it was a quick decision or a well-thought out one, it seemed a lot of people made a lot of tough choices that affected more lives than their own. I love that the author implies in the flash forward at the beginning that Marlena is the murderer only to have us realize that the descriptions were deceptive after all. I love that the writing was done well enough to have explanations for the cheesy parts and doesn't hide the real world impact their big, reckless, cheesy decisions had on them (such as choosing to keep all the horses and Rosie and Bobo and everything and how their only answer was to go join Ringling). I honestly have a lot of love for this book and had a really enjoyable experience reading it. I found myself frequently torn between reading it for hours and trying to ignore it so I could make it last.
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