The Time Traveler's Wife ~ pages 410 - 500

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The Time Traveler's Wife ~ pages 410 - 500

Post by knightss » 25 Jun 2007, 15:27

Hey! We are now nearing the end of the novel =) Some very interesting developments in this part of the book.

First off, did anybody see the Gomez/Clare thing coming? I suspected all along that Gomez was in love with Clare but it never occurred to me that they had slept together. I was shocked when i read about it. How did you feel about it? Should Clare have waited for Henry?

Henry gives the Doctor a sample of Albas DNA behind Clare's back. Do you think he was right not to consult her?

Henry losses his legs after being stuck in a parking garage on a severely cold day. He can no longer run therefore he can not survive very much longer. Even though Henry is a strong person i think this is too much for him to handle. What do you predict will happen when he time travels and is unable to move?

Ingrid's suicide was by far the saddest part of the story thus far. Henry now has emotional pain to deal with along with the psychical pain of losing his feet. Although Henry could do nothing to stop it from happening and it was always apparent that Ingrid suffered from severe depression, do you think Henry is to blame for the suicide?

Any predictions on how the book will end?
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Post by Dando » 10 Dec 2014, 08:11

When it rains it storms! Henry has so much going on emotionally at this point in the book!

It was obvious that Gomez was in love with Clare, but I was surprised by the sexual past too. Should Clare have waited? That seems like a ridiculous question. Clare should have taken control of her own sexuality and made her own decision.

Ingrid’s suicide may have been the most surprising part of the entire book for me. I was very heavy and I was surprised that it wasn’t discussed more afterwards.
Latest Review: "The Broken Gift" by Daniel friedmann

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Post by edna0242 » 27 Jun 2018, 21:05

The twists in the book keep you reading to the end! I wanted Henry to be able to control his traveling. Alba gives the story hope at the end.

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