June - The Time Traveler's Wife

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Re: June - The Time Traveler's Wife

Post by Derricks » 26 Sep 2012, 11:07

i saw the movie of this book.
his life style is really awesome.
but its hard for his wives.
it gives me a little pain.
also want to read the book as well

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Carrie R
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Post by Carrie R » 28 Nov 2012, 12:12

Waheeddd wrote:Somewhat sentimental.
I agree. A decent book with strong characters and good writing, but I found it a little slow at times, and, as you mentioned, a bit "sentimental" for my tastes. Guess that's why I normally read thrillers. :) But I liked the premise and thought it was well executed.
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Post by prasadkunala » 01 Feb 2013, 01:49

This is really a cool Book, i specially purchase to read i like this book.

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Post by Jessalyn » 12 Feb 2013, 21:12

I have not read the book but I saw the movie and have seen it quite a few times. I recently received the book and have yet to read it.

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Post by Hellenic » 21 Feb 2013, 10:35

I read this book when it was advertised on a tv book club. I thought it was very well written, a little hard to get into at the start with the swapping and changing, but when you to grip with it it was hard to put down. I tried watching the film to recap my memory but didn't enjoy it so never watched it fully. But the book I would give 4.5/5

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Post by Dani_g_23 » 18 Mar 2013, 00:35

I found this book absolutely fascinating! The jumping back and forth in time made it exciting, leaving you wondering where you were going, almost as if you were travelling with him! 5/5 this book made me cry

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Post by heatherprzybyla » 01 Sep 2013, 17:41

I really enjoyed it, I made my husband wait to get the movie until I had finished it. That really didn't take long though :D

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Post by emergirl » 29 Dec 2013, 12:07

One of my favorite books. I really want to read it again since I read it awhile ago. The movie made me mad. I absolutely adored the ending of this book but the movie did a completely different ending and I don't think the movie did the book justice. Even though I loved the casting of the movie they left out extremely important parts of the novel crucial to the story. I know movies can't fit everything from the book into the movie but they left out so much important stuff.

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Post by npandit » 11 Mar 2014, 04:32

The most interesting part of this book, for me, was the author's take on time--the concept of 'everything that will happen has already happened' and vice-versa. It provides a take on the constant battle between choice and destiny. How much choice do we really have? And how does it impact destiny? Where does the control lie? I love books that tell an interesting story, but open up a world of questions, and this was certainly one of them.

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Post by tracy19 » 19 Mar 2014, 01:22

After reading all the comments, I'm going to make a plan to read it, it sounds like a good book.

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Post by monideane21 » 28 Apr 2014, 05:12

Love this book!

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Post by Bookworm0266 » 03 May 2014, 15:52

I saw the movie but haven't read the book.

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Post by randomcheerio » 08 May 2014, 22:40

I loved the book because I thought the concept of uncontrollable time travelling to be fascinating and I loved the relationship between Henry and his wife. The movie was pretty good too.

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Post by JuliannaSilva » 19 May 2014, 11:06

This book was incredible, it couldn't be put down. Something about it makes me very emotional, crying was a big part of my reading experience. The ending was heart-wrenching I want to watch the movie but I'm not sure I can handle that plot again.

Sally Balboa
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Post by Sally Balboa » 24 May 2014, 01:10

I tried so hard to get into this book but it just wasn't for me. It never drew me in and I found it boring. That's just me though.

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