Quote from the author - I'm going on a trip as soon as I...

Discuss the November 2015 book of the month, Ruby's Choice by D.F. Jones
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Quote from the author - I'm going on a trip as soon as I...

Post by Scott »

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D.F. Jones wrote:I'm going on a trip as soon as I open the page to a new book that I'm reading today. Whether it's minutes or hours, I'll live with the characters and for the time being my life troubles are packed away.
I like this quote from @DFJones :)

This is how I feel when I read. What about you?
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Post by gali »

I like it too and feel the same! :)

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Post by katiesquilts »

What a great quote! I feel the same way, although sometimes when I'm reading a particularly sad or scary book I'm glad that I can return to my own boring life when I'm done! :lol:
Especially something like The Hunger Games... I would not have survived the Hunger Games, lol.
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Post by TangledinText »

That is why I started reading, to have a little escape from reality. I love this quote.
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Post by V_bansal2912 »

I think everyone who reads feels this...its a readers mantra..!!
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Post by Gravy »

Yeah, except some trips don't last nearly long enoughImage
But thankfully some last long after the last page is turned, and the book is back on its shelf.

Those are the best!Image

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Post by VinuW »

I love this quote!!

-- 21 Feb 2016, 02:05 --
Gravy wrote: But thankfully some last long after the last page is turned, and the book is back on its shelf.

Those are the best!Image
“He who jumps may fall, but he may also fly. It’s time to jump.” Lauren Oliver, Requiem
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Post by rumik »

I agree, I love that feeling when I'm reading a good book. Haven't had time to do it much lately so I appreciate this quote even morel
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Post by Bigwig1973 »

It reminds me of the Blind Melon song "No Rain" - "And all I can do is read a book to stay awake/And it rips my life away but it's a great escape." The ending of this book (Ruby's Choice) shouldn't have surprised me, but it kind of did.
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Post by Yvonne Monique »

Such a great quote, I can fully relate to this!
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