Art in books

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Art in books

Post by rikka »

Do you guys think that books with art in it are preferable than books without graphics? If so, what type of art do you guys prefer? (cute children's book-like art, realistic, abstract, etc...)

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Post by mewsmash »

I'd rather imagine scenes in my head than have a picture laid out for me. It's also why I'm not a fan of movie adaptations.
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Post by Booky_BettyC »

I prefer no art myself. Having my imagination do the work makes the book more exciting.
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Post by bruin »

Generally, I like books without art. I do enjoy children's books with illustrations, such as Eric Carle or Mo Willems.

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Post by rikka »

Thank you everyone for the reply. So... when it comes to novels, minimal to no art is preferable. How about poem books and books with short stories geared towards teens to adult? What do you guys think?

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Post by chemgeek »

I do enjoy a book with a nice drawing or little doodles it just gives it a bit of personality in my opinion, but at the same time if a book is captivating you wont even notice if theres any pictures you'll just fly through it!

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Post by DATo »

I would say no art but for two exceptions:

The ORIGINAL illustrations in A.C. Doyle's Sherlock Holmes cannon, and the ORIGINAL illustrations in books by Dickens. In Dickens case I feel the illustrative plates perfectly capture the feel of the writing style.
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Post by kandscreeley »

I would only prefer art in children's books. Once you get to a certain age, it's preferable to imagine for yourself.
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Post by karolinka »

Books with no art for me, unless it's a cute children's book, and then yes. Otherwise, if I read a good novel, pictures are not necessary- I let the author picture with words.
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Post by Zeenada »

I love art in books when it's done creatively, I've been reading lots of children's books lately and while I don't like illustrations as much I like the creative use of art and other interesting extras in books. I remember reading The Floods by Colin Thompson and there were always lots of funny footnotes at the bottom of the page and it was always exciting to see a footnote because of that, or one of my friends was saying that they read Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events where it described the night as pitch black and went on to include two full pages of solid black ink to demonstrate how black it was (I haven't read the books yet but they're definitely on my to read list) I also always loved how Animorphs had a picture in the bottom right corner of the page so that when you flipped through the book it would move.

To summarise I'm not a huge fan of illustrations in books but I think art can be really effective if it's there for a purpose like to make the book more interactive.

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Post by Lincoln »

rikka wrote:Do you guys think that books with art in it are preferable than books without graphics? If so, what type of art do you guys prefer? (cute children's book-like art, realistic, abstract, etc...)
I like more realistic art, but it's all personal preference.
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Post by Amagine »

I write and read children stories so I prefer children book illustrations.
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